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Anne Freitas

Training tips from Anne Freitas

The abdominal muscles are like any other, so you also need to work heavy that is, put a lot of weight and rest to get the hypertrophy. But this hypertrophy is not worth it, if it is hidden below a fat layer. So the only way to get lean abs is by having a balanced diet and aerobic exercises, decreasing the body fat percentage. The abdominal muscles have a very good fibrosis recovery, this way they can be stimulated 2 or 3 times a week, making sure there is a 24 hours rest. Demystifying some very common & frequent facts in the gyms, there is not a certain type of exercise that work only isolating one specific abdominal muscle. There are certain angles and movements that work a bit more certain abdominals areas. So is it very important on the training elaborations to mix different exercises, such as:

  • Abdominal Crunch on the bench
  • Leg Raise on the incline bench (lifting the pelvis)
  • Lateral Crunch on the bench

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An athlete in pre contest, looking for a stronger muscular density and definition , intensifies the abdominal work in this period, doing abs exercises daily, in the last final weeks. Alternating every other using heavy weight and light weight, increasing the repetitions and voluntaries contractions, that is what we could call of active rest.

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Legs workout of Anne Freitas – by Ricardo Pannain

Exercises Sets Repetions
squat 4 12 – 10 – 10 – 8
Hack Squat + dumbbells squat 3 10 + 15
Leg Press 45° 3 10
Leg extention + Lunge leg exercise using an aerobic step 3 10 + 12
Lying leg curl 4 15 – 12 – 10 – 8

Gluteus workout of Anne Freitas and tips by Ricardo Pannain Muscular group that needs a great attention and dedication for being a region that tends to accumulate a great fat percentage. Exercises like Standing Hip Extension on the cable, Hip Extension on the floor e Lying Hip Extension, are simple and effective exercises when executed the right way. The use o ankle weights as well as isometric exercises increase the level of difficulty of the exercise, consequently reaching a greater result. Exercises like Standing, Seated or Lying hip abduction tends to emphasize other “regions” of the gluteus like Gluteus Medius and Minimus, although it is deeply located, contributes to the high volume of the gluteus. Lunge and Walking Lunge, many times forgotten by the women while training gluteus at least in Brazil, they play a fundamental role for a good result. Studies show that exercises like lunge generate a bigger muscular activity than the four point exercise, justifying the none existence of ankle weights in the gyms of the United States. This level of muscular activity is measured through Electromyography, procedure capable of measuring the electric activity generated in the muscle during the contraction.

Exercises Sets Repetitions Applied Technique
Seated hip abduction in the machine 4 20 – 20 – 15 – 15
Hip Extension in the Machine 3 15
Hip Extension on the floor (stiff legs) 2 12 Keeping the isometric contraction for 3 seconds at the end of the movement (with ankle weight)
Lunge in the Smith Machine 3 20 Rear Lunge

Health Tips to keep fit all year long. -Drink water, doctors indicate at least 1.5 liters of water everyday. There is no life without water. Like the earth, our body is formed by 70% of this liquid. It is responsible for preserving our health, prevent from diseases and protect the organism from aging. -Have moderated portions of meal every 3 hours, this keeps your metabolism accelerated, bringing a good result on the fat burning process and muscle gain. -Drink White tea, herbs are used traditionally in the Chinese medicine and stimulates some metabolic properties. For being less processed than the green and black tea, it contains more antioxidants and vitamins. It has a thermogenic effect, accelerates the metabolism and eases liquid retention. – Supplement by using a good protein after training. With the purpose of not wasting the whey protein, use dextrose or malt dextrin with it, these carbohydrates will replace the stock of glycogen, as well as help the transportation of the nutrients into the cell. – Make use of an anti-catabolic for a better protein absorption and a better muscle recovery, consequently preserving the lean muscle that is obtained with a lot of effort. – Keep the exercises routine frequently and at least four times a week, the physical activity increases the metabolism and it helps burning the excess of calories. -Sleep well, this is as important as your daily diet, while sleeping the organism produces several important substances for the body functioning, for example the growth hormone. The quantity of hours of sleep each person needs a day is individual, the important thing is keeping the quality, a sleep that gives you the sensation that you are recovered, is the one that allows us to wake up well and with no difficulty. Nutrition Some diet recipes that will help to take away the need of eating sweets: First dish: – Place in a pan, 7 spoons of oats and half cup of water. – Let the oat cook in the water until it turns into a porridge. – On a soup plate put two scoops of your favorite whey protein flavor together with the oatmeal. – Mix slowly the ingredients till the get well mixed up. – Cut a banana in thin lawyers and throw on top of it and enjoy the meal! – It can be done with other types of fruit like strawberry, pine apple, etc! Second dish: -Cut some slices of pineapple on a dessert plate. -Place it on the microwave for two minutes. -Take it off and throw some cinnamon on the top of the fruit, if you wish you can put some sweetener drops to make it sweeter. -It can also be done with banana, it’s delicious!! Third dish: -Peel two oranges and cut them in slices. -Grate two medium pieces of coconut. -Separate three or four egg whites on a blender and put as much sweetener you wish to make it sweet and blending the egg whites. -As soon as the egg whites are ready place them on a bowl and mix with the coconut. -Put the orange slices nicely organized on the top of the egg whites already mixed the coconut to make a nice and delicious dessert. – This desert has to be done and eaten right away, otherwise the eggs whites can liquefy relatively fast.