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Gabriella Bánkuti from Hungary, Kaposvar was born in November 1980. I am a Cancer on the zodiac. You could say that I grew up in a sporty family, because my mom was an Olympic athlete. Gabriella Bankuti on Facebook

The age of 15 had severe pneumonia, which failed to treat it at home. Therefore, was hospitalized for 3 months, where the doctor told me that “I’ll never be able to play sports again,” I was glad that my life too and I got clean air again.

But I did not want to give up! Motion was love, it was all the same to the track and field, gymnastics, or basketball with the guys in the field, was the important one, is to move.

When I felt better, I decided that I step in the direction of martial arts. I knew that I was not able to run, and the szertorát also had to quit, but I could not do without moving. After much thought I chose, I decided to try Aikido, to prove to myself that yes I am able to move again. I liked elements of the sports movement, fascinated by the masters of precise movement culture. Aikido taught me to dominate my body, taught me to meditate, focus, and most importantly, taught me that my body was in control. When I became a stronger military close fight continued, but it was too hard for me, so I wanted to switch back. . I always wanted to be a strong and shapely than the girls I saw on TV and in magazines. Fascinated Jane Fonda perfect body and I wanted it to be as attractive and sexy as she was.

One day I went to the gym with a fitness instructor told me that I’m not the competitive fitness, because I’m too thin and not too good genetics. I was sad and disappointed, but I decided that I reach what I wanted, even yourself. I started to go to the library, where I read all the books and magazines related to fitness. I wanted the knowledge, so read-only and read okosodtam, new practices and techniques, and experimenting on myself, I made notes during the fejlődésemről.

Fitness race for the first time in 1999 and then I saw I was able to go on the right track. They were perfect for the girls. Lebarnítva stood up on the stage in the best shape of their lives, smiling, shiny bikinis. I also wanted to serve there, I wanted to be a champion.

First, in 2000, I stood on the stage as a competitor and I reached the third place in the IFBB Hungarian Championship. I was proud of myself because I did everything in my power own. I wrote to myself in my diet, I made a bikini. The whole stage was me. Meanwhile benefited from the knowledge, in addition to the college started to deal with people, keep people workouts, slowly, I noticed that the end is in college, graduated, exams got, and even did it and better and better every year a college as well.

You have plenty of trained, loved the specific cases experiencing movement problems, or people struggling with eating problems. I have developed my skills constantly, I read, I learned, was used.

In November 2013, the last time I raced, but I’m sure it was not the last year of racing. Meanwhile, I and many others have reached the title of world champion in multiple sports during that time. I was successful in the business, all my dreams come true, and even professional athletes who also raised, to whom I am extremely proud because they knew and know that he who devotes himself to this life, always be humble and consistent. Virginia Toth Noemi Olah and a life found a way into my heart, their success is my success too.

The profession is one of the highlights to be posted in 2007, the IWI (International Wellness Institute, International Wellness Institute), to be the knowledge and pass it on to future teaching.This is perhaps the greatest merit, because in my experiance, they will have their knowledge from successful coaches, athletes, Books. I am currently a senior course teacher and examiner within the framework of the IWI, in addition, a number of workshops and training’m afraid.

From 2008 2011 I traveled all over the world to the QNT (Quality Nutrition Technology) dietary supplement in conjunction with factory courtesy of Noemi Olah. We were almost the first ones who have been in this area. And kiérdemlés be possible to see areas of the fitness industry in the world, a company sponsored by a member. To be there in the big, in the example image, a great experience, motivation and experience.