Arnold Schwarzenegger on Jack LaLanne: Fitness guru a ‘saint’

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Fitness guru a ‘saint’


“Bodybuilding champion, actor and ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger praised the late fitness guru Jack LaLanne as a “saint” for inspiring millions of people to stay healthy and avoid sickness.

Schwarzenegger spoke at a music and joke-filled memorial celebrating the life of LaLanne, who died at age 96 on Jan. 23 of pneumonia.

LaLanne was described as a sometimes eccentric fitness personality who sang in public, worked out in his 90s and clutched an exercise weight on his deathbed.

The service itself came with an exercise portion. When fitness icon Richard Simmons got to the podium, he had the audience reach up to stretch their muscles. Actor and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, who played comic book character The Hulk, did a couple jumping jacks.

Simmons said that his own mother would watch LaLanne on TV when he was growing up in New Orleans, and LaLanne inspired him to lose weight and get fit, just as LaLanne as a boy had to overcome his addiction to sugar.”

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