2009 San Francisco Championships

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San Francisco BB

The 2009 San Francisco Bodybuilding and Figure Championships, hosted by Lindsay productions, took place in Hayward California. Results and pictures MuscularDevelopment.com

Women’s Bodybuilding Heavyweight
1. Joella Bernard (overall)
2. Barbara Bauer 
1. Nancy Brigham 
2. Cassandra Weitze 
3. Greta Butler

Figure Class A
1. Donna Anderson 
2. Cassandra Chandler 
3. Mary David 
Class B
1. Jenna Boyer 
2. Kristy Wilce 
3. Ariana Kasparian 
Class C
1. Clara Cito 
2. Rachel Prince 
3. Marcie Trujillo 
Class D
1. Monique Varela (Overall) 
2. Alika Faulkner 
3. Kassandre Harper-Cotton

Bikini Class A
1. Elena Andrade 
2. Kathryn Butler 
3. Rowina Cariquitan 
Class B
1. Nichole Sammann 
2. Whitney Larson 
3. Tracy Johnson 
Class C
1. Mary Gines (Overall)
2. Whitney Harris 
3. Melissa Tobin

San Francisco figure

Overall Winner (Heavyweight)
Matt Porter

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