Female bodybuilders: Society – Dating – Muscularity

Female bodybuilders: Society – Dating – Muscularity
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Many female bodybuilders will attest to ‘standing out like a sore thumb’ in a crowd and being starred at by men and women. Some will even joke that they are often treated like “aliens”. It’s typical that even if female bodybuilders’ physiques are privately admired by men and women, many will still judge them publicly. Female bodybuilders especially are ridiculed on anything, from their muscles to their character. Usually the ridicule is solely based on their muscles. People often think that because a female chooses to adorn muscles, her character is automatically flawed. Truth is, these women are rarely given a chance of getting to know them before being scrutinized. This mindset of society alone may be one of the most intriguing reasons why some men are fascinated with female muscle.

If given the opportunity to date a bodybuilder, most male muscle lovers would jump at the chance. Of the men who have had relationships with female bodybuilders, they will tell you that dating them is not much different than dating a “normal woman”. They feel that female bodybuilders are normal women too who just happen to be in a sport which requires muscularity. These are “women and not aliens” and love the same things that most women love in a man and otherwise.

Outside of those who have dated female bodybuilders, it’s quite interesting how many men are intimidated by female muscle. Everyone has an opinion but a lot of the opinions are due to societies views that women should look “feminine” and not have muscles because “muscles are for men”. These same men will say they are pretty confident in themselves; however, when a strong muscular woman gets near them, they tend to become very uncomfortable. Usually this reaction is based on a level of insecurity of one’s self. Some men seem to feel that being a “man” means they have to be in control, and if a woman “appears” to be stronger physically, it sends a message that she just may be more dominant. But looks can be deceiving. Women who wear a muscular body do not always want to portray dominance. They enjoy being soft and adored just as any other woman would, the only difference is they choose to build their bodies.

Many female bodybuilders prefer men who are not bodybuilders. A lot of them feel that since they are surrounded by training the majority of the time, it is nice to have someone in their lives who can take them away from the gym, so to speak, and just concentrate on getting to know one another. However, these women do look for men who are confident in themselves and who are usually fit or have some sense of good health and utilizes it in his life.

Becoming a bodybuilder is a personal choice. Even if the choice is not understood or accepted by others, it is still a choice. The issues that other men and women have with this choice is not that important to female bodybuilders. Opinions, positive and negative will go hand in hand with just about any decision that is made in life. People tend to rebel against things they don’t understand because it makes them uncomfortable.

The comments female bodybuilders get range from ‘she looks like a man’ to ‘she could bench press me’. Some people appear to be grossed out by the look and others admire and want to know how they got their bodies to do that. What’s interesting is, whether grossed out or in awe, the need to stare is the same. This goes back to the sometimes “private admiration” and not being able to show it in a “public” setting for fear of what society will have to say about it.

Either way, female bodybuilders are not something people are used to seeing everyday; therefore, when they are seen, the sight of them will usually cause quite a stir.

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8 Responses to "Female bodybuilders: Society – Dating – Muscularity"

  1. Chris  February 13, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    I dought she is Single.. But Good Article..

    • Russell mitchem  December 19, 2016 at 4:41 am

      Just depends on the woman,some are kind and sexual towards men,and some arent

  2. Freeman  February 13, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    I would love to be with a woman bodybuilder. They are beautiful. It goes both ways though, some men are looked at as gross. So, it’s not just women.

  3. Scott Walden  February 14, 2015 at 7:16 am

    I love women who have muscles or are female bodybuilders. I think it represents strength, individuality,femininity,beauty, and a sense of character. Given the opportunity to date a lady who is a female bodybuilder I would jump at the chance because they are like all other women,but with more to offer. I live in Perth WA Australia and they are VERY rare here sadly.

    • Russell mitchem  December 19, 2016 at 4:45 am

      They’re rare in virginia too,its so hard to find a woman disciplined enough to become strong or bodybuilder type,that oftimes one has to look out of state to find a date!

  4. marco etter  February 16, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    I can completely understand the disposition given to the athlete. She clearly worked hard for her results. They do not show over weeks or months. That level of fitness is from a focus lifestyle. She is merely healthy and active. Like any woman, she still desires to be respected for her ambitions, her intellect, and character. As a fitness “nut” myself, I am also a combat vet, progressing through a PhD, multiple Boston Marathons, and country dance on a amatuer competition level for enjoyment. I get a whole lot of “he’s scaring me” from ridiculous comments while speaking over a phone. In a gym, members often come to me with questions simply because I have answers their staff lacks. Academically, I did periodically become a certified personal trainer so I could learn what magazine periodicals would not divulge. Regarding appearances, she is sexy. She is not sexual. The line is clear to the educated and initiated. You could not hid her fitness level with a parka. She is not there to be compared. She ran her own race and is accomplishing so much more. Of course, she enjoys eating anything and everything; but in moderation. Her discipline shows as it is nothing more than a dedicated hobby. Like her, I desire to look good in clothes that fit as intended. For men, there is nothing more enjoyable than wearing acceptable attire (polo shirt XL, and pleated pants 35 waist) that hang on you the way they are supposed to. I would further speculate that the negative comments stem from others encountering her and not being able to keep up. Having a college background, she can also defend herself academically, which would also entertain argument and debate over many conversations. I would also submit she, like me, is on a constant path of improvement and enlightenment without fear of error. Many masters of their domain have failed far more times than novices have attempted. rock on.

  5. greg  November 20, 2015 at 11:22 am

    I appreciate this article, but as this site is all about honesty, I also have to be honest with FBB. It was mentioned in the article that some muscle women are criticized for looking like men and I would have to agree this is a problem at times. But obviously it has to be put into perspective by looking outside the box because I think like this sometimes with MALE horse jockeys too. It happens. How do you politely tell a woman this who is a FBB without being rude? Are there special medications that reverse this problem? If we do speak, we speak in love. Obviously someone like Annie Rivieccio is a great example of someone who is big, beautiful and feminine.

    I hope Lori won´t hate me, or she´ll give me a chance to explain if she is not happy with what I have written. I desire to contribute more to this site, and only want to give help and suggestions to give more power to the woman, you know? Happiness both ways!

  6. Teddy Anim-Bedwa  November 30, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    I want to work out with Colette Nelson she is very one of my favor female bodybuilder on the Planet beside Lauren Powers and also I never date a female bodybuilder in my life But I want try it and also I love female bodybuilder a lot especially Colette Nelson is very pretty and also she have the body too and also I want to take her to eat in the future trust me and also I want to see her in the future So I will end here

    Thank You
    Teddy Anim-Bedwa


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