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A New York photographer wants to break the stereotype that muscular, fit models are manly.

Kai York captures fit models in a way that shows their feminine beauty — not just their strength.

“What a lot of people don’t understand is that most of these women are not cut, shredded, year-round,” York told The Post.

The models spend weeks and months planning a fitness regime so that they can look good for one specific day, York explained.

“And that’s usually, of course, also when they like to book a photoshoot,” he said.

While the work requires women to flaunt their bodies, York insists he doesn’t want to sexually objectify them during his photoshoots. For instance, he instructs models not to touch their breasts or “tease” during his shoots so that they won’t be seen as overtly sexual.

“I think it’s about empowerment. And I think it’s about feeling confident,” York told The Post.

One of York’s models is Serbian fitness competitor and coach Yanyah Milutinovic, who told The Post last month about her struggles with the bodybuilding industry and online trolls who tease her for her toned physique.

Article Source: New York Post

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