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female boxer

Hagar Finer Defends Title

Hagar Finer did exactly what was expected of her in Tel Aviv. She retained her WIBF bantamweight crown by undoubtedly defeating Latvian challenger Agnese Boza with a fifth-round technical knockout (the fight was called by the referee). In a fight that started slow, Hagar picked up the pace and began landing punch after punch until her opponent was rendered defenceless.

22-Year Ban Lifted

New South Wales (NSW) has lifted the 22-year ban on competitive women’s boxing. The concern has always been for the women's health relating to a sport designed to cause bodily harm. The other side of the argument is that there are many sports where bodily harm is common and unavoidable (rugby, soccer and hockey). With the ban lifted, female competitors will no longer have to relocate to pursue their dream.