Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Tracey Gerald had an awakening a year ago. Amidst a time in her life of self-destruction, she decided to take her life back.

Tracey had a twin sister Stacey. They were blond, beautiful and popular, but their story has tragedy. The girls joined the U.S. Marine Corps on a whim “that seemed like a good idea at the time.” After enlisting, their mother passed away without even a chance to say good-bye. Stacey was sucked into a life of alcoholism that slowly lead to suicide. Meanwhile, Tracey was deployed in Desert Storm. By the time she got state side, Stacey was lost in the disease.

Tracey had the horror of finding her sweet sister, in her apartment, a week after taking her life. The pain to Tracey was so intense that for years she began to translate into the very life that had taken Stacey. She was eating horribly, drinking, smoking and taking anti-depressants. Her life was spiraling.

But, Tracey’s story has not ended with tragedy. Instead of becoming her sister, she has chosen to honor her. To honor her memory, her life and their bond. Tracey began to exercise and eat right. She traded her bad habits for good ones and the results speak for them self (pictured below is Tracey today, healthy and happy, again).

You can read her full story in a recent article in Twins Magazine (April Ed.)