Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Enter the world of Digital-Amazons, a 3D female muscle studio “blazing a trail of handmade hardbodied heroine entertainment”. London based creator/owner Joel creates images, comics and animations depicting amazons, female bodybuilders and women with fantastic muscular bodies and spirit. He describes it as “Muscle-Funk” or “female muscle with a lotta cool”.

Joel was born into the world of art and studied Fine Art and Design in London. He says he didn’t learn much there. “I started teaching myself about Macs and Photoshop in the 2nd year” he adds and became attracted to the 3D medium from arcade games, like “Killer Instinct” and leading 3D artists, like Japanese innovator “Iceman”.

Joel is inspired by many things besides 3D art. The performing arts, romance, being under the stars and the muscular female physique. He combined his love of 3D and female muscle to create Digital-Amazons. His aim was to capture the mystique, beauty and eroticism of the women while creating something fresh and new. Not beholden to one specific program, he uses various software to help him achieve the best final result. 3D may not be considered a high art form yet, but Joel tackles it with the voracity and dedication of a true artist. He researches, designs and creates everything himself from the ground up, making it entirely his own. He imbues his work with emotional and sexual energy in what he calls a “long and draining creative process that’s like a hellfire of creation”. There’s an intense amount of love, design and R&D that goes into each character.

Joel says he’s been fortunate to make money with Digital-Amazons but hopes to one day have his work exhibited and published. He looks to expand into photography, video and illustration work and one day become a serious creative force in the bodybuilding community. “I’ve been privileged to know wonderful people, fans and producers in the bodybuilding world.”

Although Joel has taken some criticism from the animation industry and even family, he is extremely grateful to the friends, artists and those in the physique biz that have supported him. “I did what I did with DA because I believed it from the bottom of my heart and I have loved what I do.” See more of Joel’s work at Digital-Amazons.com or contact him at ja@digital-amazons.com.

Contributing Writer Area Orion

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