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Some artists create with a driving passion in their soul. Fett isn’t one of those. This Female Muscle artist does however put an expressiveness into his characters that elevates them into more than just massively muscled women. They have a soul and tenderness juxtaposed into the body of a goddess.

I took a minute with Fett to find out more about this fan favorite artist.

• What do preferred to be called?
Your Lord and Master.

Or Fett.

I’d settle for “bitch”.

I just want someone to pay attention to me.

• When and where were you born?
Sorry. When the machines take over, I’ll be the only human they won’t be able to travel back in time and kill in the crib.

• Where do you currently live?
As always, Folkestone in England. It’s a little town on the south east, near Dover. I call it “Fettville” but never out loud.

The people here scare me. Especially the one in my bathroom mirror. Why must he ape everything I do?!

• What are your interests, hobbies or passions?
Whatever turns you on. Wait. This isn’t that kind of questionairre. Um… I mean, “world peace, puppies, and not pedophilia.”

• Do you have a job other than producing your artwork?
I haven’t produced artwork in a while. So I should hope I have better things to do with my time than doing nothing! Hahahahahah!

Thank God you interviewed me. I just sit at my computer and hit refresh on my dA page. I have nothing in my life. I go to sleep just to break up my routine.

• How long have you been an artist?
That’s a weird question. I don’t really consider myself an artist. I did WANT to be an artist many moons ago, but now it’s just something I doodle from time to time when I need to masturbate.

• What inspired you to become an artist?
I was always drawing as a kid, but I eventually stopped thinking I could be an artist when I realised that someone was drawing exactly how I wanted to draw, but better than I, and all I could ever be would be a clone 10 years behind, at best. So I decided to do other things.

• Do you have formal art training or education? Where?
I went to art college… for six months then quit in disgust. What a fucking waste of time. I go to comic conventions and none of the artists I looked up to when I was trying to be an artist went to art school. Self-taught to a man. Art college is one of the primary reasons I gave up drawing as a profession. Fuck it.

• What artists have influenced you?
Adam Hughes. He draws exactly as I see things in my head. When I first saw his work, I loved it and added it to my reference folder. A couple of years later I realised that he was the only artist who I used for any reference. I asked myself why, looked back at my pictures, and realised I’d been trying to draw like this guy all my life, long before I’d ever seen his work. To me, there’s no point in my trying to make a career out of drawing. We don’t need a shitty version of Adam.

• What is your preferred medium?
I like to draw with pencil. I used to ink and then colour in photoshop, but now I ink and render the image in greyscale with copic markers which I enjoy. I don’t like using the computer, it feels too distant. Plus, I find it hard to split my focus on many elements of work. I like to do one part at a time. Colouring in photoshop had me working out the light/dark values, as well as the hue and the saturation, while using greyscale just makes me focus on light/dark and so I think I do better work. If I want to colour, I can just go into photoshop, make some selections and use the variations adjusment to colorize it. I’m still playing with paper types to see what holds copics best for me.

• Do you have a favorite subject matter?
I really like drawing faces. Character faces. I don’t care too much for portraits, I like to draw characters and just get their face right.

• Describe your artistic style:
I’ve been told, a lot, that I have an anime style. I don’t know why because the only anime artist I’ve ever even really paid attention to is Adam Warren, who’s terrific. So I don’t get why I get that comparison. To my mind, as I say, I’m just a AH (Adam Hughes) clone.

• Is there something that makes your artwork special?
It can cure cancer.

• Who or what are your inspirations?
John McClane. I’m hoping that my 40th birthday party will be DIE HARD or DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE. That’d be awesome.

• Can you describe your creation process and technique:
I generally come up with an idea by either getting into the character I’m drawing and/or trying to work out what the audience wants (if it’s for someone in particular) and then just doing that. I’ll find reference that I need, and off I go.

But then, sometimes I just sit down with a pencil, start doodling, and a picture occurs. I’m always terrified when I do that and something good shows up because I have no idea how to replicate it.

• Is there one of your own works that’s a personal favorite? Why?
I particularly like the “Help Me Home” picture I did of Caitlin Fairchild. The whole thing just feels right to me. It’s very me; For the people who like sweet women I draw ’em too big, and for the people who like big women I draw ’em too sweet. There’s a very small number of people who would enjoy that middle ground. I think “Help Me Home” is certainly the best picture I’ve done.

• Do you have any future plans or ideas you can tell us about?
Hoverboards and jet packs.

• Anything else you would like to add?
If I turn on the television and there’s an episode of STAR TREK, THE NEXT GENERATION, or DEEP SPACE 9, I can name the episode in about ten seconds.

I’m going to die alone.

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