Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Popular South Korean TV show Mars People XFile recently featured a young woman who claimed to have dated nearly 200 men in the last two years, purely for materialistic purposes.

The young and attractive woman, named Han Mirim, gives speed dating a whole new meaning, admitting that she sometimes broke up with men on the same day they hooked up, just because they wanted to split the bill at restaurants, or just didn’t seem willing to shower her with gifts or cover her many expenses. Mirim claimed that during the last couple of years, she had dated almost 200 different men and had received around 1 million won ($92,000) in gifts, like jewelry, clothes or gadgets.

To her credit, Han Mirim seemed very open about her materialistic reasons, saying that she couldn’t date anyone for very long, because men couldn’t keep up with her financial demands. So she just dumped them and moved on to someone else.

Mars People XFile actually accompanied Mirim on a date with her latest victim, where she kept complaining about her high mobile phone bill until the guy offered to pay it. During dinner, he tried telling her that she should pay for dinner, since he had already offered to pay her 100,000 won ($92) cell bill, but she wasn’t having it, so he ended up covering that as well.

Asked if she was comfortable with her boyfriend eventually seeing the show when it airs, Han Mirim just said “Well, if we break up, I can’t help it!”

As you can imagine, Han Mirim’s materialistic-oriented serial dating didn’t sit too well with viewers, many of whom took to social media to express their views of her. Some even sought her out online and started leaving hate comments which eventually prompted the young woman to respond.

“I mentioned I had met around 30 men but the producers said it was too weak,” Han Mirim wrote on a popular forum. “The person who had appeared on the show before had dated around 117-119 people. They asked if they could exaggerate and I agreed…The person I met was also casted by the writers…I’m being harassed by thousands of hate comments.”

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However, South Korean TV station tvN responded to the woman accusations, saying that “the producers certainly did not fabricate or exaggerate anything,” and adding that Mirim must have come up with her explanation after being overwhelmed by the negative feedback.

I for one believe the whole thing was scripted from the beginning, but that’s no excuse for Mirim. She agreed to the whole thing for fame and she’s reaping the reward. You know what they say, play stupid games, collect stupid prizes.