Thu. May 23rd, 2024

The best fight of the night at the Moosin MMA event was, hands down ,the women’s fight: Roxanne Modafferi (left) vs. Tara LaRosa (right). This was their second meeting. A few years back they fought and the judges awarded Tara with the victory. They went head to head in a beat down battle and the judges came out with Roxanne, a.k.a. the Happy Warrior, as the victor.

Anyone who watched this fight can testify that these two women are among the best in the industry today. They put on a show that had energy, skill and more heart than any of the men’s fights. The women entered as friends and the display of respect post-fight, will always be remembered. Tara presented Roxanne with the trophy and held her hand high in victory. You can see the post fight interview below.

The production, on the other had, left a lot to be desired. A MMA reporter said:

“If you are a fan of strongman competitions like I am, then you probably sat through a painful experience last Friday night as former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia made five-time World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski tap to strikes. The fight itself wasn’t painful, but the broadcast – specifically the announcers – certainly was. Funny man Bas Rutten (who I typically love) was especially bad. Throw in a “straight man” who was clearly drunk and looked as though he had been thrown out of a strip club earlier in the night, and a self-proclaimed “MMA expert” who kept referring to techniques by incorrect names that he had clearly made up while sitting in his mother’s basement (my favorite: calling a spinning backfist a “cyclone punch”), and you see my point. A decent fight between two of the top female fighters in the world in Tara LaRosa and Roxie Modaferri wasn’t even enough to save the broadcast.”~By David McKinney