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Screenshot (49)IFBB suffers backlash – 26 year old Dallas McCarver death and 46 Rich Piana.

The death of Dallas McCarver and Piana has sent shock waves throughout the bodybuilding and fitness world.
Sport and entertainment websites from all over the world have been reporting the death of 26-year-old McCarver and 46-year-old Rich Piana this week!
The breaking news Dallas McCarver
Not long after the incident, the 911 audio that had IFBB Pro Joshua Lenartowicz try to give McCarver CPR was released.
The leak of this audio caused a uproar in the bodybuilding world and even Joshua Lenartowicz was angered by it being published by TMZ and the
Following the tragic event, a number of IFBB Pro and retired IFBB Pro’s went to their social media to vent their frustrations against the sport of bodybuilding and the IFBB.

A number of trainers and athletes are using this incident as a springboard to attack the IFBB and the state of bodybuilding today.

Retired IFBB Pro John DeFendis and Phil Hernon did a live talk on Facebook talking about McCarver and the state of bodybuilding. However we all Agree the new generation of mass monsters are all paying the price and something needs to be fucking done!
Old School has always been the Gold school. Bigger is not better so put away all the GH, insulin and Synthol that has killed the sport and its athletes in this new era of out of the norm freak show! I have to agree that this sport and the federation has become a cesspool of complete shit over the years! Esthetics, balance and symmetry are a thing of the past! Arnold couldn’t have said it any better in his rant of today’s athletes looking like bottles, no symmetry, no balance, looking Prego!

The IFBB pro card had lost it credibility years ago and is currently worthless handing out hundreds of pro cards a year to Just about anyone compared to the 80’s early 90’s when only 3/4 IFBB pro cards were issued each year!! Thus giving value and great worth!!

So to all current IFBB pro’s card holders i agree and concur with the others 100% as your IFBB Pro card is meaningless these days and has lost all respect and credibility due to what the sport has become. The only ones selected to compete in Olympia, Arnold Classic out of the current “THOUSANDS” of IFBB pros today will only go to the selected ones who are willing to push the envelope to extreme doing what it takes to get there Insulin with every meal, massive amounts of GH, Peptides, and Synthol…


So now here we are…,
Massive Bodybuilding sensation Rich Piana has died … nearly 3 weeks after going into a coma following a medical emergency at his Florida apartment, TMZ Sports has learned.
We broke the story … Piana collapsed while getting a haircut on August 7. His girlfriend, Chanel, tried to revive him but was unable to wake him.
Piana was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was placed into a medically induced coma — but was unable to recover.
The District Six Medical Examiner in Florida confirms Piana passed away early Friday morning at the hospital.
I concur with John DeFendis, Phil Hernon and all the other pros with the BALLS to speak up and whom are speaking out! The athletes, trainers, fans, and IFBB Pros who are speaking out are the true Ambassadors of this lost so called sport, they are the ones whom once truly loved what it stood for long ago. I never let my IFBB Pro card represent me, or stand for who I am. I let my 87 covers, world records do the talking as I believe in keeping my mouth shut and letting my hard work and records do all the talking. Remember haters will always hate, and these deaths are only the beginning on what it takes capturing a worthless IFBB Pro card!!

My sincere condolences to all the friends and family’s of Rich and Dallas!

Also my Condolences to all the past deaths of our athletes and sympathy for all the ones whom currently have severe health issues per kidney transplants, liver and heart complications which are way far to many to list.

I am hardened by this, and frustrated. I pray all take heed to these words! And acknowledge that this bull shit isn’t worth your health, your life, to be an IFBB Pro.
Don’t be selfish and only think about yourself, think about your friends and family whom truly love you. Not the ones who praise you every day to become bigger, huger & freakier than day before and do what it takes.
As these are the ones who really don’t care when your gone as you’ll be replaced by another mass monster to idolize in your place.

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-Eddie Robinson

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