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One of the great things about the world of female bodybuilding is that it has more than its fair share of interesting and controversial characters. One woman who wears the labels of both categories with pride is RhondaLee Quaresma. Never one to shy away from a ‘hot topic’ or run away from a dare, RhondaLee is definitely a trend setter rather than a trend follower.
However, there is more to this Canadian dynamo than meets the eye… I recently got the chance to talk to RhondaLee, eager to know what makes this born entertainer ‘tick’ and, in the process, discovered that there are indeed…many sides to Ms RhondaLee Quaresma…
So let’s begin this journey into Rhonda’s life with a closer look at….

First of all…can you tell us a little about your family background?

“I was born and raised in Kingston, Canada in a pretty traditional family. Although I have 2 half sisters, a half brother and 2 full brothers…I mostly feel like an only child as I was born later in my mom and dads life. My brother closest in age lived with me for the first few years of our lives then it was time for him to leave the nest. My father was 54 and mother 38 when I was born and I guess being a girl and the only child in the house, I was treated as though I was a Princess… not spoiled though!”

What led you into the gym?
“A combination of post puberty weight gain and the influence of my dad and brother… as they were both athletes. I also remember seeing a real female bodybuilder at the first gym I ever went to called ‘New World Nautilus’ in Kingston, Ontario…how she looked amazed me! And also being shy, I never did well in team sports so this allowed me to focus… and to my surprise I not only improved but I ended up surpassing my own expectations!
“In common with most women I was initially intimidated by the weight room…so I was an aerobics bunny for a few years and didn’t really do weights. Then a new gym friend took me under his wing and taught me the lifting basics.”

How did your interest in bodybuilding evolve from there? Did you always admire the look of female bodybuilders?
“Shortly thereafter I met my ‘husband to be’ at the gym and he was a bodybuilder – an excellent one at that. (I am not married now) He said I had the genetics to compete and guided me through my first show, and the rest is history!”

When did you begin competing?
“My Lord…a lifetime ago….do I have to say (lol!)…all right…1989.”

And your last show was?

“In 1998.”

When can we expect to see you on the stage again and what areas are you focusing on improving?
“Hmmm…no promises of a time but the promise of an effort! I would say that my upper body needs improvement.”

You make no secret of the fact that you do porn, how did you get into that?

“I’m a risk taker…when all the life variables around me seemed aligned, I just did it! I connected with the people who ran and again, the rest is history!”

What is it about that line of work that appeals to you?
“It’s the one area of my life where I’ve always been confident, even when the rest of me wasn’t! So it comes natural…and I love to display like a peacock!”

Do people ever criticize you for your involvement in the porn industry and if so how do you answer them?
“Surprisingly… No! At least not to my face which is fine! People have actually supported me and (blush) I’ve actually been called a ‘hero’ more than once for not caring about what other people think and having the courage to do what I want. A far cry from the shy little girl I was!”

You also do escort work…what does that involve?
“I must tell you…I have had an interesting way of living for the past few years. In most cases, my escorting wasn’t really ‘escorting’. I have been blessed with an abundance of gifts for my time and many men take care of me in many different ways! It all adds up!”

And do you do standard ‘session’ work?
“Yes I do standard session work which consists of a more sensual erotic experience. I will do some fetishes or special requests if I am comfortable with such!”

You have several websites…care to name them and how is each one different?

“Sure, (Non adult). This one is the root of explaining all that I am… physical, musical and sensual. It is also the main site for my Personal Training business (which I am doing on a more full time basis) and my online store.
“I also have (Adult) transitioning over from the old site The old site was more of an escort based site, whereas the new one is going to be more porn/adult entertainment type content with memberships and my advertising and availability for personal training to The Adult Entertainment Industry.”

“How To Meet and Date Athletic Women”

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You created them yourself rather than go for a web designer, why is that and how difficult was it for you in the beginning?

“Actually I chose many web designers in the beginning but for various reasons they didn’t work out. So, frustrated at the various attempts with many web people not working out, I took the task upon myself. Trust me…doing my own sites was the last thing I wanted to do, but technology makes it easier now.”

Can you make a viable income from your websites?
“Absolutely! It has been a difficult trek though, as I’m only one person and many things need to be done. I’m finally getting more help again and doing – as I think I always do – the best I can. And I promise to try to get better at everything I do and improving all I am as a being!
“The more memberships I gather, the more I can do to improve things!”

When you get time to yourself what do you do to relax?

“Tough thing to get, but I make the time…and like I said…a longtime ago I decided to make my ‘vocation my vacation’ so it all works! That being said, my favorite thing to do is lounge with my babies (my two cats) and go out dancing! My cats, music and dancing are my meditation.”

You live in Canada; doesn’t that make you feel detached from things at times? It would seem that NYC is where you need to be…
“Mmm…not really, with the internet and technology there are many ways to make things work. However, as a result of travelling throughout the US for approximately half the year, I have made a clear observation that the US doesn’t really know about us! I’ve had people ask if we celebrate Christmas for god sakes! And we are considered your sister country…well my sister needs to be a little less self centered cause I love her! It’s the media though… I understand that! However they need to show both sides of things better…in respect to ALL subjects!”

Okay, so tell some things that we would be surprised to know about Rhonda Lee?
“I’m 5’1…I collect BRATZ dolls and I don’t think I’m pretty or beautiful AT ALL (please no need to respond to this as I would be more embarrassed to talk about it). I’ll just say one of my best friends who has known me since I was eight can vouch for this…but I love striving to be!”

What is your greatest vice?
“Diet coke and naps! I’m truly a food addict.”

I have heard you claim that you are ‘high maintenance’…so what does it take to maintain the incredible Ms RhondaLee Quaresma?
“Lots of girl things! Pampering, treating me like a Princess! Showing me respect and making me feel (and meaning it!) like I am the only woman on the earth to be desired. Give me what I want and you’ll get it back 10 fold!”

What are your hopes and visions for the future?
“To get to where I am going…there is a method to my madness!”

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