Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
Lisa Giesbrecht
Lisa Giesbrecht

The biggest party night of the year is approaching quickly. Time is moving and this moment is nearly in the history books and you’re looking forward to what lies ahead.

Your mind wanders as you look back at the New Year. She was stunning wasn’t she? The way she glided through the crowd, heads turning in awe as he muscular body rippled with each step. Who couldn’t help but notice those calves flexing with each step, or the broadness of her shoulders, and how her bicep danced as she clutched her purse tightly. But the thing you’ll remember the most, was that lil’ black dress.

What does she have in store for you this year? It’s a secret, but she’s promised you that it will blow last year’s dress away. Will you even be able to make it to the party or will you just want to rip it off her and have your own private party?

I came across a few very hot and very sexy lil’ black dresses on your favorite muscular ladies. This should get you in the mood to party!