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strong women

Al Franken should have been groping for this book!

"Al Franken should have been groping for this book! And I'm going to send him a copy"

Christina Prinn Wrestler And Strongwoman Biography

Christina Prinn, 45-years-old, started training when she was only 9-years-old with her brother. She began training seriously when she was 17-years-old and saw immediate, substantial results. Her 5'7" frame ranges from 185-220 lbs. She began wrestling at 19-years-old and has been successful in a variety of areas within the sport and as a strong-woman.

Changing the Size of Sumo

Clare Lutton, 24-years-old, and Caitlin Szanto, 19-years-old, are competitive sumo wrestlers which isn't too big of a deal until you see them. They are changing the way people think about sumo wrestlers, and they will be the only women from Sydney competing in the national sumo championships on the Gold Coast this month.

Liane Blyn Set A New Record at the USA Powerlifting Women's Meet

Liane Blyn, 37-years-old, set a new record for her weight class at the USA Powerlifting Women's Nationals late last month. She benched a big 341 lbs. to set a new U.S. record in her weight class. She hadn't planned on competing, in fact she had retired, but the iron called her back.