Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Kathy Bertram


Kathy BertramSome of the strongest people alive are struggling with moments of weakness and depression so overpowering it takes them to the edge. Bodybuilder Kathy Bertram, who is now a part of John Jacob’s Next Generation Power Force, has struggled with eating disorders and has overcome two suicide attempts. She now uses her amazing strength and powerful story to inspire others. The Next Generation Power Force travels motivating adults and children alike using amazing displays of strength from bending steel to breaking bricks.

Before Kathy began hitting the gym, she was in the Air Force smoking two-packs of cigarettes a day. After hearing a friend say he would never marry a smoker, she decided to kick the habit…cold turkey. When she began gaining weight, she began to hit the gym. Falling in love with the weights, she started conquering goal and found the bodybuilding stage. While Kathy has not competed in a while, she has not given up on her pursuit of strength.