Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

Liane Blyn, 37-years-old, set a new record for her weight class at the USA Powerlifting Women’s Nationals late last month. She benched a big 341 lbs. to set a new U.S. record in her weight class. She hadn’t planned on competing, in fact she had retired, but the iron called her back.

“I tried to retire, but you know what? I love it and I wouldn’t give it up for anything,” Liane said. “My husband laughs at me and says, ‘You better not be 90 and still powerlifting.’ “

She may not be competing for ever, but she has put in 14-years of competing across the world. She has earned four of the last five national titles, but she didn’t compete last year since she had just returned from the World Games in Taiwan. Later this year, she will travel to South Africa to compete in global powerlifting championships.