Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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Becca Swanson is the STRONGEST WOMAN EVER. Undisputed! She has been power lifting for 12-years and is renowned. Her career is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. Ric’s Corner recently posted a two part video interview that Female Muscle wanted to share with you.

Best lifts:
Squat – 854 lbs (387.5 kg)
Bench Press – 600 lbs (272.5 kg)
Deadlift – 683 lbs (310 kg)
Total (in one meet) – 2050 lbs (930 kg)

“I recently left my life in Omaha because I was unhappy. We only get one life. So, I set out on a new path. I have a burning desire to show the world my powerful physique laced with beauty and femininity. My mission statement reads as such: I will become a World Renown female Muscular Icon! Currently, I am training at Harley Race’s Pro-wrestling Academy. I am the WLW Woman’s World Champion and the World Wrestling Xpress Women’s Champion. Wrestling is super fun for me. I am learning so much. I am working my way to the top!” ~Becca



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