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Lenda Murray 2004 FemaleMuscle Gallery

Women’s Bodybuilding Lenda MurrayOctober 28 – 31, 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada photography by Patrick Sweeney More for Lenda Murray Gallery GALLERY SPONSORED BY TALKLIVE! Call one of our female bodybuilders now at 313-263-3935.

Karla Nelsen: What We Could Find

When FemaleMuscle first posted about Karla Nelsen, we got great feedback and some requests for more on this beauty. After quite a bit of searching, we came up with very little. Karla is going to be 45-years-old this year and grew up in Minnesota. Minnesota is also where she picked up the sport that made […]

Fia Reisek Hands Down, Amazing (video)

Fia Reisek, 25-years-old, is a Swedish arm-wrestler who is climbing the ranks and looking to take it all! When asked how she got started, Fia said: “I really don’t know exactly when I started for real, I was only seven years old when my father began and while he was training I played with the other children […]

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