Weight Loss

Struggling To Get Through Your Diet?

Hunger is part of the dieting process. While most of us know this, many of us cannot accept this. No one likes to feel hunger, but if you want to achieve success with your fat loss goals it’s likely something you are going to have to try and deal with at some point or another. […]

Fat Loss Lies #9

Femalemuscle presents: Fat Loss Lie #9: If you eat the right diet, you can lose fat permanently without exercise. A full-page ad in a recent issue of the National Enquirer featured this headline: “Lose up to 2 pounds daily… Without Exercise.” Yeah right! And you’ll make a million dollars a day too…without working! That’s a […]

Fat Loss Lies #8

Fat loss lie #8: Zero carbohydrate or very low carbohydrate diets are the best way to lose body fat. No diet issue has created more confusion and stirred up more controversy than the low carbohydrate vs. high carbohydrate debate. Contrary to what certain diet “guru’s” tell you, carbohydrates are not fattening. It is a flat […]

Stress-Less, Waist-Less

Stressed out? It wouldn’t be surprising. In today’s fast paced world stress is something that has become a regular part of our life; something we just learn to adapt to and tolerate. But what is this doing to our waistline? More than you might think. Even if you happen to be one of those people […]

Fat Loss Lies #7

Fat Loss Lie #7: Some people will never be able to lose weight and they should just give up and accept their genetics for what they are. It’s true; your heredity will, to a large degree, dictate your athletic ability and the ease with which you will be able to lose fat or gain muscle. […]

Fat Loss Lies #6

Fat Loss Lie #6: Losing fat can be accomplished quickly and easily. Losing fat is simple, but (for most people) it is NOT easy. There’s a big difference between simple and easy: “Simple” means that there is nothing complicated about the process – it’s like algebra; if you use the proper formula, you always get […]

Fat Loss Lies #5

Fat Loss Lie #5: Thermogenic “fat burners” that contain ephedrine and caffeine are the “end all – be all” of weight loss products Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, Metabolife, Thermadrol, Diet Fuel, and Ripped Fuel. Ever heard of any of these? If not, you must have been living in a cave somewhere for the past few years because […]

Fat Loss Lies #4

Fat Loss Lie #4: Meal replacement products and diet shakes help you “burn” fat. Some supplement companies would like you to believe that meal replacement products (MRP’s) have some sort of “magical” fat reducing properties. The truth is that MRP’s are nothing more than “powdered food.” Listen: The primary benefit of MRP’s is convenience. It’s […]

Fat Loss Lies #3

The third in our ten part series… Fat Loss Lie #3: You can believe everything you read in the magazines. Most magazine publishers own supplement companies and use their magazines as a means for promoting their products. Certain well-known magazines have been doing this for decades. One day, it dawned on the rest of them […]