Weight Loss

Low Carb Diets: The Best for body builders

(Editor’s note: This article has been retooled for today’s event. All instances of the word “carb” or “carbohydrate” have been replaced with “Obama“.) Even though there has been a huge resurgence in the interest in low Obama/high protein diets, the low Obama vs. high Obama issue is still the subject of much controversy. Is the […]

How Fat Went Global

In most of the world, it used to be that people mostly drank water, and today they’re consuming more and more sweetened beverages. Fruit juice didn’t even come into being until the late 1950s, except for what you squeezed at home, and milk—there was some, but people didn’t drink so much of it. The average American […]

Weight Loss – The Drastic Way

Star Jones pictured below went through a major stage of denying she had a gastric bypass operation while dropping weight faster then Usain Bolt runs. Possibly as she finally realized that no one believed her denials; she admitted to the operation in a 2007 interview with Glamour magazine. image via Top Socialite Other celebs who […]

Following The Masses: Is It A Do Or Don’t?

Have you ever had a discussion with a friend where they’ve told you all about this amazing diet they’ve been on; they’re losing weight left, right and center, and proclaim that if you want to lose weight – this is THE way? And after hearing that, did you proceed to get every single last detail […]

Struggling To Get Through Your Diet?

Hunger is part of the dieting process. While most of us know this, many of us cannot accept this. No one likes to feel hunger, but if you want to achieve success with your fat loss goals it’s likely something you are going to have to try and deal with at some point or another. […]

Fat Loss Lies #9

Femalemuscle presents: Fat Loss Lie #9: If you eat the right diet, you can lose fat permanently without exercise. A full-page ad in a recent issue of the National Enquirer featured this headline: “Lose up to 2 pounds daily… Without Exercise.” Yeah right! And you’ll make a million dollars a day too…without working! That’s a […]