Iris and Cathy..Ready for Tonight

Iris Kyle, the reigning Ms Olympia champion is looking on form as this photo from yesterday show. The marking down of Iris to 7th place [a very low placing for Iris, one of the best female bodybuilders competing] at the 2008 Arnold Classic for ‘lumps’ caused a stir earlier this year, and Iris looks in […]

2008 Mr Olympia

Since it’s the once a year, best of the best, Olympia time we will steer off our all female programming and give the guys a bit of love. We listed the female bodybuilding, fitness and figure line-ups already, and the men’s lineup this year is: Mr. Olympia Lineup 1. Fouad Abiad , Canada 2. Melvin […]

Olympia After Parties

The Olympia is underway – well kind of the athletes meeting has taken place and the big show starts tomorrow. For many people half the fun of the Olympia is chilling out at the expo, catching up with friends and most of all the partying. These are flyers of the big 3 post events due […]

Female Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Olympia Line-ups

The Olympia will be held this weekend with over 50 of the best female bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors from all over the world competing. MS. OLYMPIA 1. Betty Adkins , Venezuela 2. Heather Armbrust, USA 3. Lisa Aukland, USA 4. Nicole Ball, Canada 5. Debbie Bramwell, USA 6. Dayana Cadeau, Canada 7. Rosemay Jennings […]

Olympia Press Conference: No Women

The Olympia normally has a press conference where all competitors are asked questions by the press and the fans, and it appears that the women will not be included in the presss conference line up at the 2008 Olympia. Replies from two former Ms Olympia Champions Iris Kyle and Yaxeni Oriquen who are competing this […]

Ronnie Coleman wins Mr. Olympia 2005

Ronnie Coleman wins Mr. Olympia 2005

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1 Ronnie Coleman
2 Jay Cutler
3 Gustavo Badell
4 Gunther Schlierkamp
5 Victor Martinez
6 Dennis James
7 Melvin Anthony
8 Branch Warren
9 Darrem Charles
10 Mustafa Mohammad
11 Johnnie Jackson
12 George Farah
13 Chris Cormier
14 David Henry
15 Markus Ruhl
Top six qualify for 2006 Mr. Olympia

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