Female Fitness Model Directory with direct contact information

Female Fitness Model Directory with direct contact information
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Dawn Laverty

Below we have assembled some of today’s hottest, most powerful fitness models and bodybuilders and their contact information.

Denise Aiello
Denise Aiello- Hot Fitness Model
Denise Aiello    Female Fitness Model
I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, experienced in Resistance, Cardiovascular, and Weight control. Currently, I’m pursuing my goals and dreams to be a hot fitness model cover girl. Early on, I discovered my first true athletic passions: soccer and softball. I went on to become an all state soccer player and continued playing through college. Working-out at a local gym developed my already athletic physique even further, allowing me to develop as a beautiful fitness model and personal trainer. extremefitnessbydee@hotmail.com

Anouk Pascal
Anouk Pascal
Anouk Pascal-    Fitness Model
My name is Anouk Pascale and I work as a fitness model. My training philosophy; be the very best you can be for yourself both mentally and physically.
Hobbies; all sports, training, travelling the world, meeting new people, living life to the fullest, and making the most of opportunities.
Favorite exercise – Cycling and pilates
Favorite body part to train- My abdominals:)
My details are as follows:
Height – 5′ 6
Bust- 34b / Waist- 23 / Hips- 33
Shoe – 4 / Dress – 2 / Hair – Blonde
Eyes- Blue
Contact information:
Email address- anouk@anoukpascale.com
Kind regards,
Anouk Pascale

Michele Lynn
Michele Lynn- Female Fitness Model – Writer
Michele Lynn    Female Fitness Model, Writer
My name is Michele Lynn. I am a Fitness Model and National Level Figure Competitor. I have been seen in Oxygen and Muscular Development Magazines, as well as CoverModels.com I am currently a writer geared towards women.

Sarah Varno
Sarah- Female Fitness Model
Sarah    Female Fitness Model
Hey there!
My name is Sarah! I’m an outgoing individual with a passion for fitness! Before becoming a fitness model I played varsity sports throughout my younger years and continue to be very active. I obtained my BFA in Graphic Design which allows me to create successful websites for the fitness industry. I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, playing with my dog, working-out, shopping, traveling, watching movies and more!
Stats: Height: 5’6 Weight : 136 Hair: Brown Eyes: Dark Brown
Bust: 33 Waist: 28 Hips: 35 Calves: 14 Thighs: 21.5 Biceps: 13
Shoe: 9.5 Dress: 8 Skin: tan
Visit my Female Fitness Model Website: sarahvarno.com

Updated Fitness Model Pics added!

Linda Lorena
Linda- Aspiring Female Fitness Model
Linda Lorena    Aspiring Hot Fitness Model
My name is Linda Lorena and I love to work-out. My biggest dream is to become a fitness model. I’m going to school for journalism and.I have a little part time job on the side to get my bills. I live with my parents and I’d love to help them more economically because they’re struggling. So if there’s any work for me in this industry please let me know.
Thank you sincerely, Linda Loreno

Natasha – Female Fitness Model
Natasha    Female Fitness Model
I’m a female fitness model and would be interested in legitimate opportunities for modeling and promotion. Please contact me at nwhplife@hotmail.com
Thank you, Natasha

Female Fitness Model – Gina
Gina    Female Fitness Model
My name is Gina. I’m a fitness model, figure competitor and a personal trainer located in New York, NY For more images and/or bookings, please visit http://www.GF-Fitness.com

Rochelle Herrera- Female Fitness Model
Rochelle Herrera    Female Fitness Model
My name is Rochelle Herrera. I’m from Los Angeles, California and am extremely interested in becoming a fitness model. One of my biggest passions is physical fitness and train daily; not just for the bod, but for the mind. I just came across this website and thought…why not? Feel free to contact me. Enjoy your day! 🙂
Take Care

C.C. Blake- Beautiful Fitness Model
C.C. Blake    Beautiful Fitness Model
My name is C.C. Blake. I’m a professional print, runway, promotional, and female fitness model. Fitness keeps me balanced and happy. I’m available to work as female fitness modeling, promotions, and print. I am also certified through ISSA.
C.C. Blake

Charlotte Richardson- Hot Fitness Model
Charlotte Richardson    Aspiring Fitness Model
I am a commercial print model for Page Parks. I also do runway and fitness modeling. Now I’m working on advancing my carerr as a fitness model. I work at LA Fitness so it shouldn’t take me long to get the results I want. My BMI is now at 15%. I have my Bachelors Degree from the University of North Texas. My hobbies are drawing, painting, sewing, yoga, running, love working-out, and ice-skating. Rock music my favorite type of music and I absolutely love the color red.
Thank You,
Have a Wonderful Day!!!!

Claudia Rivarelli – Female Fitness Model
Claudia Rivarelli – Female Fitness Model    Female Fitness Model
I work as a bikini and fitness model for catalogs, pics, and TV. In addition to being a fitness model I’m also involved in Martial Arts and a fighter!
I’m 5′.5″ 128 lbs. I was born 03/09/79 My measurements are 38″ 25″ 38″ I have Black hair and Blue eyes.


Amber Jerome- Aspiring Fitness Model
Amber Jerome- Aspiring Fitness Model    Female Fitness Model
My name is Amber Jerome and I am an aspiring fitness model. I recently competed in my first show and placed 2nd in women’s figure open short category. I love fitness and enjoy helping others change their lives like I have done so for myself. I am currently seeking a Masters in Nutriiton and studying to become a personal trainer. missamberj2925@yahoo.com

Rebecca Leigh- Female Fitness Model
Rebecca Leigh    Female Fitness Model
I am having such a blast in the industry! Although I have been modeling on and off since I was 16, I have decided to really hit it hard and have now been putting everything I have into my modeling career! As a Fitness Model I am absolutely passionate about keeping my body healthy and strong. I am currently in the process of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and helping others achieve their own personal goals. I would love to work with the top fitness magazines and help represent their positive motivation! Thanks to all of my fans, I am experiencing all kinds of great things and can’t wait to explore all that this industry has to offer!
Female Fitness Model: Rebecca Leigh
Birthplace- China Lake, California
Current Residence- Annapolis, Maryland
DOB- 7/3/78
Height- 5’2″ Weight- 108 lbs.
Measurements- 34D-24-34
Hair- Blonde Eyes- Hazel Skin- Tanned

“Just checking in and saying hi! Thank you for your support – your site brings me a lot of hits! I appreciate it!

Nicoleta Chiorean- Ireland Fitness Model
Nicoleta Chiorean    Female Fitness Model
My name is Nicoleta Chiorean. I was born in Romania, but I lived in Ireland for the last 9 years. I’m married and I have a 7 year old daughter. I am 28 years old. I own a gym in Ireland where I am doing personal training. I started to train 3 years ago, I won twice irish nationals and I competed in world championships. My biggest dream is to become a fitness model. My states are:
Hips: 88 cm waist 61 cm: bust: 87 cm height: 1.60 cm

Tatyana- Runway, Print, Fitness Model
Tatyana    Print, Runway, and Female Fitness Model
My name is Tanya and I’m pleased to introduce myself. I’m a professional runway, print, and female fitness model. Bodybuilding and fitness are a big part of my life. I’m available to work as female fitness model or spokesperson. Businesses interested in contacting me for legitimate fitness model or print work please email Best Form Fitness Gear.
Thanks! Tatyana

You will recognize Tatyana from several of the product model shots featured throughout the website. Tatyana is a top model and can be contacted by emailing Best Form. Be sure to include “For Tatyana” in the subject line. Email Tatyana / Best Form

Domanisha Hicks- Female Fitness Model
Dominisha Hicks    Female Fitness Model
I’m Domanisha Hicks, a 24 year old mother of one. I’m an aspiring fitness model, business owner, and personal trainer. I’m very mature, energetic, experienced, and fun. I’m highly entertaining and very charismatic, I light-up the room wherever I go. Born and raised in Las Vegas, I’m an exotic mix of Native American/Cherokee, French, Cajun/Acadian. Puerto Rican, Jamaican, and Egyptian. I’m a fitness competitor and placed first in the South Florida District Championships. I’m going for my pro card in Fitness and my Fitness Modeling career will add to my already flavorful life. I hope to be seen in Shape magazine soon.

Michelle Candelaria- Fitness Model
Michelle Candelaria    Female Fitness Model
My name is Michelle Candelaria. I’m 29 years old, a mom of twin toddlers and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m a fitness model and a personal trainer located near Chicago, IL
For more images and/or bookings, please visit michellecandelaria.com Thanks!

Heiorun Siguroardottir- Iceland Fitness Model
Heiorun Siguroardottir-    Iceland Fitness Model
My name is Heiorun, Im 26 years old and I come from Iceland:) My life is great and health is my number one:) Never drank or smoked in my life:) I work as a personal trainer in Reykjavik and have been competing in fitness for over 6 years:) I have won Five times the Icelandic champion 2003-2007. and have been competing all over the world with really good results:) Hope to get my pro card this year:) My next competition is the World Championship in October:) I really want to become a fitness model thats my dream, but that is actually really difficult when you live in Iceland….But some one said you have to follow your dream…. and I will;) Hope I will get that opportunity some day..

Linda Castro- Female Fitness Model
Linda Castro    Female Fitness Model
My name is Linda and I live in California. I do a lot of print and fitness model work. I’m looking for some more publicity! I’d love to do more fitness model work.
hair: dark blonde eyes: green
hieght: 5’5 weight: 110 lbs. measurements: 36-24-36
Have a great day, Linda

Sharon Denise- Female Fitness Model
Sharon Denise    Female Fitness Model
Sharon is a Female Fitness Model with an impressive resume and 10 years experience in the modeling industry. In addition to her fitness model work, She does lifestyle print, commercials for consumer products, endorsing fitness products, pageants and tradeshows. You can review Sharon’s resume at 247cast.com/SharonWilson
Serious inquiries only to: sharondenise_2004@yahoo.com

Jen- Female Fitness Model
Jen    Female Fitness Model
I’m Jen from Parker, Colorado, I’m an aspiring Female Fitness Model & Figure Competitor. I’m interested in doing print / fitness model / trade show / television work. If you have a new opportunity please contact me. I have a real passion for fitness and it’s my goal to be the healthiest I can be each day. I had a near death experience a couple years ago that really made me re-evaluate everything. I’ve learned from it never to take anyone or anything for granted, and to live each day to the fullest! It’s never too late to achieve your dreams, if you want something reach out and grab it, NOW! I enjoy training hard and living a healthy lifestyle. I am a single mom and want to be an inspiration to my daughter as well as other women, encouraging them to seek their goals no matter the obstacles in their way!
Measurements: Bust – 34DD Waist – 26 Hips – 34 Height: 6’0′ Weight: 141lbs
Bodyfat: 15.6% (and dropping) Long Blonde hair, blue/green eyes
Contact me at : Jen- jen20034@msn.com

Rita Elksninja- Miss Latvia Fitness Model Champion
Rita Elksninja    Champion Miss Latvia Fitness Model
My name is Rita Elksninja and I’m the over-all winner of Miss Latvia Fitness Model 2006 among other titles. Please visit my photo gallery fitnes.lv/news/viewtopic.php
Regards, Rita

Lindsey Knight- Female Fitness Model
Lindsey Knight    Female Fitness Model
I’m an aspiring female fitness model from Florida. I’ve competed in the 2008 Bikini Universe Competition and will be training hard for future contests. I’m looking for fitness model work in advertisements, venue bookings, and general photo-marketing.
Thanks! Lindsey

Somi- Fitness Model from Scotland
Somi    Fitness Model from Scotland
I’m Somi. I’m an aspiring fitness model currently residing in Scotland. I’m also a PhD student in Political theory and an aspiring novelist. I enjoy being able to pay attention to the physical aspect of my life along side the mental and academic aspect. I’d like to see other young females also grow and reach their true potential. Therefore, I’d like to be able to set an example that it is possible to maintain a balance between the mind the body.

Svetlana Ilovajska- European Figure Champion
Svetlana Ilovajska    European Champion Figure Competitor
My name is Svetlana Ilovajska. I’m the champion female fitness competitor of Europe. I live in Latvia and would like you to visit my fitness model photo gallery fitnes.lv/news/viewtopic.php

Maureen Meehan- Female Bodybuilder
Maureen Meehan    Female Bodybuilder
Maureen Meehan
Mother of 3, Gifted Education Specialist, National Female Bodybuilder
Contest History-
2006 NC State Championship Figure, Class C, 7th place
2006 Metrolina, Figure, Class C, 4th place
2006 Gold’s Classic Figure, Class B 2nd place/ Bodybuilding, Heavyweight 1st place, All around
2007 NC State Championship Bodybuilding Lightweight 2nd place
2007 JR USA Bodybuilding Middleweight 1st place
2008 NC State Championships Middleweight 1st place, All around

Gabrielle Young- Beautiful Fitness Model
Gabrielle Young    Beautiful Fitness Model
Dr. Gabrielle Young, a.k.a. Dr. Diva is the next generation’s beautiful fitness model and media physician. She can provide the scientific knowledge of old school medicine in the form of a new school bombshell Not only is Dr. Diva one of the most intelligent women that you will ever lay eyes on, but also one of the most beautiful fitness models; for every ounce of intelligence there is beauty to match. As well as being an accomplished physician, she is a former fitness competitor. She’s an accomplished female fitness model who’s appeared in FLEX, Planet Muscle and American Curves. One part is an amazing doctor the world will come to know, another part is pure sex symbol, and little bit of moxy; she is truly Dr. Diva, the fitness model with it all. Make sure to follow the path of this rising, shooting star and watch it light up the sky; and lay witness to the rise of this supernova.

Bridget Flynt- Female Fitness Model
Bridget Flynt    Female Fitness Model
Before becoming a female fitness model I was always very slim. Referred to by some as “skinny” throughout my childhood. With a starting bodyweight of 99 lbs. my challenge to become a fitness model was to gain, not lose weight. Coincidently, my father passed away around the same time so I focused on weight training as a release. I love the total control exercise and nutrition give me overy my appearance as a fitness model. I enjoy variety and challenging myself to achieve new goals (i.e. interval training, super-sets, etc.) I also enjoy spending time with my husband and showing off to him, he also enjoys the sexy outfits 😉 Being a fit female fitness model also allows me to keep up with my three young children.

Elayne Loy- Female Fitness Model
Elayne Loy    Female Fitness Model
I’m looking for work in the Fitness Model field. Please review my pics and bio:
Age: 22 Height: 5.5 Weight: 100 lbs. Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Chest: 34A Waist: 21 Hips: 33 Ethnicity: Caucasian Location: Chicago
I look forward to hearing from you.
Respectfully, Elayne Loy

Kimberly Caban- Aspiring Female Fitness Model
Kimberly Caban    Aspiring Female Fitness Model
I’m Kimberly Caban located in Boston, MA. I’m an aspiring Female Fitness Model, Figure Competitor, and Personal Trainer. Fitness and eating healthy is a huge part of my life. I enjoy training hard and leading a clean, healthy lifestyle. I’d love to become a fitness model and inspire other women to seek their ultimate goals.
My measurements are:
Bust 34D Waist 26 Hips 33
Height:5’1 Weight: 105 Contest / 113 off-season
Competition History:
2007 FAP Musclemania Universe Weekend Female Fitness Competition, 9th place Figure short class (out of 20)
Contact me at: fitnesstrainer55@yahoo.com

Ginie Izombard- Aspiring Female Fitness Model
Ginie Izombard    Aspiring Female Fitness Model
Hi there have always wanted to be a fitness/bikini model….. Just wanted to post for a chance of being noticed.
Thanks Ginie Izombard


Nancy Nicholson- Female Fitness Model
Nancy Nicholson    Female Fitness Model
I’m Nancy Nicholson, a fitness model and WNBF Pro Female Bodybuilder. Briefly, I’ve stayed physically fit throughout my life by playing outdoors in nature. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and enjoy mountain biking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, ice skating, roller-blading, hiking, rock-climbing, running on sandy beaches and occasionally simply climbing trees! I’m extremely health conscious and prefer natural and/or organic foods and drink lots of continuously flowing natural spring fed water.


Dana Posey- Female Fitness Model
Dana Posey    Female Fitness Model
Greetings from sunny Deltona, FL! My name is Dana Posey. I’m a swimsuit and fitness model. I’m also a fitness and bikini model competitor as well as an AFPA certified personal trainer. Currently, I compete in FAME competitions and I hope to compete in a NPC event soon. I can best be described as a determined, ambitious, intensely competitive, and passionate person. I’ve committed my life to physical fitness. I enjoy pushing myself to the limit both mentally and physically. My life is a constant whirlwind and there’s never a dull moment. I always find myself embarking on some type of new adventure. I enjoy every aspect of the fitness industry and I hope to spread my enthusiasm to others to commit to be fit. Please visit my website at danaposey.com My stats are as follows:
Height: 5’4” Weight: 116 lbs. Bust: 36 D Waist: 26 Hips: 34 Hair: Brunette/medium length Eyes: Hazel Age: 30

Katie Mclin- Female Fitness Model
Katie McLin    Female Fitness Model
I am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach along with being a beginning Fitness Model and Figure Competitor living in the Middle of the USA. In the June 2008 issue of Oxygen, I will be featured in the “Future of Fitness” column and I’m interested in doing more Print, fitness model, trade show and television work. Got a new opportunity? I look froward to hearing from you!
Location: Kansas
Measurements and Stats:
Height: 5’10, Weight: On season 138 lbs. / Off 146 lbs., Bust: 33, Waist 25, Hips: 36

Kelli Barnes- Female Fitness Model
Kelli Barnes    Female Fitness Model
Kelli is an aspiring Female Fitness Model who recently submitted her profile. We will be publishing more about Kelli and her fitness modeling soon. You can visit Kelli’s website at KelliBarnes.com

Madonna Grimes- Fitness Competitor, Model
Madonna Grimes    Female Fitness Competitor, Fitness Model
As a star Female Fitness comptetitor and well-know Female Fitness Model, MaDonna Grimes never thought she was the type of woman who would even enter a fitness competition by her own admission. She already had an incredible career as an internationally-known choreographer, dancer, and actress. A former All-American Cheerleading Champion, she had also proved her athletic prowess by winning the National Aerobics Championships. And as far as publicity, MaDonna had been featured prominently in television, feature films, music video, and magazines.
Vital Stats: Height: 5’4″ * Weight: 115 measurements: 36-22-26 Website:

Tara Thatcher- Female Fitness Model
Tara Thatcher    Female Fitness Model
My name is Tara A Thatcher. I am a natural Figure competitor and fitness model. I have been competing for 2 years now. I have a unique look and would love to represent your company! I am available as a fitness model, spokesperson, print work, trade shows, and bikini model.
Age: 27
Height: 5’8 Weight: 128 lbs contest/ 136 lbs off-season
Bust: 34 B Waist: 26 Hips: 36
Competition History
3rd place in the medium class at 2007 NANBF USA’s!
1st place in the figure tall class at the 2006 and 2007 NANBF Mr/Ms Natural Minnesota Show!
Featured in Oxygen Magazine in the Future of Fitness in the November 2007 Issue!
2006 NANBF Natural Mr/Ms Minnesota – 1st place, figure tall class
2006 NPC Mr/Ms Minnesota – 5th place, figure tall class
2007 NANBF Natural Mr/Ms Minnesota Invitational – 1st place, figure tall class
I am qualified to compete in the Natural USA’s in October where I hope to earn my WNBF Figure Pro-Card. I enjoy leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Soon to be featured on bodybuilding.com as the ” fitness competitor of the week”!
Thanks! Tara Thatcher

Updated note and photos from Tara: Hi there! Just wanted to say that I recieve a lot of traffic from your website.

Audrey Dippenaar- Female Fitness Model
Audrey Dippenaar    South African Female Fitness Model
Name: Audrey Dippenaar
Location: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Height: 5.5
Bust: 34
Hips: 65
Waist: 83
Weight: 51kg
Motivational Quote: “Begin with the end in mind.”
Favorite movie: “Pride and Prejudice.”
Favorite food: Black chocolate.
I often get fitness model job offers through my listing on this site but people are unaware that I’m based in South Africa so please keep this in mind when contacting me.

Dixie Reynolds- Female Fitness Model
Dixie    Female Fitness Model
My name is Dixie and I’m a fitness model / NPC Figure Competitor from Northwest Florida. I love to compete and I’m working toward my goal of becoming an IFBB Pro. I’m available for work as a fitness model as well as swimsuit, print, and web modeling. I’m also available for tradeshow work in the fitness industry and Q&A for competition coaching. I am 5’5” and weigh 120 – 127 lbs depending on my competition schedule (on/off season). I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My measurements are: Bust: 34D (chest is 37”) Waist: 24 – 25” Hips 34 – 35” I stay fit year around, I’m a very professional and driven individual. I’m looking to gain more exposure and publicity through fitness and swimwear modeling and print ads. My contest history is as follows:
2006 Southern USA & Shannon Dey Figure & Fitness – 1st Place
2006 Allsouth Figure and Fitness – 4th Place
2007 Southern USA & Shannon Dey Figure & Fitness – 1st Place & 4th Place (crossovers)
2007 Max Muscle Panhandle Showdown & Mak Attack Fitness & Figure – 1st Place and Overall
2007 NPC Southeastern Golds Classic – 1st Place & 2nd Place (crossovers)
2007 Florida State Classic – 1st Place
Upcoming contest – 2007 Palm Beach Pro/Am
Website is currently under construction. You can contact me via email at Dixie_l_rey@yahoo.com for more information.
Stay fit and healthy! – Dixie

Kandace Richard- Female Bodybuilder
Kandace Richard    Female Bodybuilder
My name is Kandace Richard from Houston, TX I’m currently a college student and a part-time personal trainer, mostly online. I’m also a competitive NPC female bodybuilder and fitness model. At age 20 I’ve had three years of training and three contests. Never give up your dreams and goals….if you want something bad enough NO MATTER WHAT IT IS…..go for it and you will get there.
Current Stats: DOB 1/8/88 Height- 5”5 Weight- 165 lbs. off season.
As a teen heavyweight female bodybuilder I competed at 150 lbs.
chest-43″ shoulders-51″ forearms-11″ arms-14.75″ measured pumped waist=28″ quads=25″ calves=18″
My goals as a female bodybuilder are serious and I intend to reach the pro level. My contest history includes:
2006 South Central USA INBA Female Bodybuilding Competition – First teen and novice women.
2006NPC John Sherman Classic- First teen women / third place open light heavyweights.
2007 NPC Texas State Championships- First novice women heavyweight overall / First teen heavyweight female bodybuilder

Shawn Rene Zimmerman- Fitness Model
Shawn Rene Zimmerman    Female Fitness Model
My name is Shawn Rene Zimmerman, I have 6 years of Published/Professional Female Fitness Model experience. Since 2002 I’ve been appearing in all the top fitness magazines. I also work as a fitness model in many ads for supplement companies and packaging labels. My titles include NPC Ms. National Teen Fitness Champ, National Dance Champion and ESPN Series Miss Fitness America CA 3rd runner-up. I have a BA Degree in Exercise Science. I’m also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified in Sports Medicine and Sports Nutrition.
I’m keeping busy with a lot of fitness model work and love what I do! It’s been my dream since I was little watching my Dad compete.
My Stats: Birthday: December 19, 1983 Size: 2 Height: 5’4 Weight: 122 Hair: Long Blonde Eyes: Blue
I look forward to hearing from you!
Warmly, Shawn Rene Zimmerman
Contact me by my web sites or my email at:
ShawnRene.com or myspace.com/ShawnReneZ
Email: OneFitDancer@aol.com

Larissa Reis- Brazilian Fitness Model
Larissa Reis    Brazilian Fitness Model
I´m Larissa Reis, Brazilian, Playboy Brazil playmate, Fitness Model and Figure Championship World. I am currently in the process of getting my pro card for Figure in the next IFBB amateur World Championship in September 2007 in Barcelona, Spain. I have been competing for 2 years now. I am a Fitness Model, personal trainer and figure competitor. In 2005, I placed 1st in the IFBB South American championship and I was the Brazilian national IFBB champion in 2006.
I like: living healthy, nature, knowing simple and inteligent people, travelling, listen to music, pets, sashimi and reading good books.
I dislike: Hipocrisy, lies, dishonesty and arrogance
Hair: Natural blonde Eyes: Honey colored Height: 5’5″ Weight: Off season: 141 lbs. / pre-contest: 128 lbs.
Hobbies: Workout, pose to photos, music, skate and Buddhist books
Strongest Body part: Legs / Occupation: Figure amateur, Ffitness Model
Hometown: Miami, Florida Place of Birth: Brasilia –Brasil
I love being a female bodybuilder. It´s my life and will be forever!!!!
Larissa Reis

Michelle Poulin- Female Fitness Model
Michelle Poulin    Female Fitness Model
Michelle recently submitted beautiful fitness model pics. We hope to have more information on her soon.

Theresa- Female Fitness Model
Theresa    Female Fitness Model
Theresa is a Female Fitness Model from Butler, Pennsylvania who recently submitted her pics. We will have more info for her shortly.

Kyli Marie- Aspiring British Fitness Model
Kyli Marie    Aspiring British Fitness Model
I’m Kyli-Marie from London, I am an inspiring fitness model and childrens nurse. Fitness is a huge part of my life and I train hard and lead a clean healthy lifestyle and I hope to become a fitness model and inspire other women to seek there goals and achieve the best they can. My measurements are: Bust 29 Waist 26 Hips 33

Terri Jett- Figure and Fitness Model
Terri Jett    Female Fitness Model
Name: Terri Jett
Height: 5’4 ¾” Bust: 34D Waist: 24 Hips: 35 Weight: 120lbs
Motivational Quote: “Success comes from, not what God has given you, but what you do with it”
Websites and Contact: terrijett.com
and myspace.com/n2figure

Morgan Padgett- Female Fitness Model
Morgan Padgett    Aspiring Female Fitness Model
Morgan is an aspiring female fitness model who’s recently submitted her photos. We will have more information soon.

Tonya Harlan- Female Fitness Model
Tonya Harlan    Female Fitness Model
Tonya is a personal trainer and Fitness Model from Palm Coast Florida. We will have more information about her soon.

Kelly D- Beautiful Fitness Model
Kelly D    Beautiful Fitness Model
I’m an aspiring female fitness model from Ohio. I’m going to take my career to the next level. Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I will be competing in my first figure competition next summer. I’ve always worked-out to stay healthy and my efforts have succeeded in helping me realize my fitness model dreams. I’m 5.7 and 118 lbs. My measurements are 34-26-33
I’m looking for legitimate fitness model work and promotional opportunities. Please contact me at kellykel1977@yahoo.com

Leila Mutasa- Aspiring Fitness Model
Leila Mutasa    Aspiring Fitness Model
I’m a 27 year old fitness enthusiast and fitness trainer. I am looking to compete in my first ever figure show and am an aspiring fitness model. For me training with weights was reward enough until recently when I could see the ‘real’ changes in body composition and nothing feels sexier than being strong and fit. I enjoy a body challenge and entering a competition is something to look forward to. Becoming a Fitness Model is a good chance to show off how hard you’ve worked and I’m willing to work hard for what I want.
Leila M.

Lori La Magna- Female Fitness Model
Lori La Magna    Female Fitness Model
Lori is a female fitness model who sent her photos in a few weeks ago. We are working on posting the back-log of profiles, Check back for more info on Lori which will be added soon.

Brooke Dunlop
Brooke Dunlop    Female Fitness Model
Brooke is a Female Fitness Model from Australia. We will be posting more information on her soon.

Flash News! October ’07 Brooke Dunlop wins Miss Fitness Australia!

Diana Chaloux- Female Fitness Model
Diana Chaloux    Female Fitness Model
Greetings from San Antonio, TX!
My name is Diana Chaloux. I’m a fitness model, NPC national level figure competitor, certified personal trainer, fitness coach, fitness columnist, nutrition manager and founder/owner of Destined 2 Be Fitd2bfit.com I love every aspect of the fitness industry, from modeling and competing to training clients one on one and teaching them how to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle! Via my business website I sell my fitness DVD “Fitness Deadlines” along with access to the D2BFit Member Support Center where I work with people online providing them with guidance, motivation and a fitness education! I am available for fitness modeling, spokesperson, product promotions, guest appearances, photoshoots, interviews, fitness seminars, commercials or television guest appearances! Check out my website dianachaloux.com for more information! Have a fit and healthy day!
Stats: Height: 5’7″ / Age: 29 / Bust: 36 / Waist: 27 / Hips: 36 / Eyes: Brown / Hair: Brown
Diana Chaloux

Amanda Foubister- Australian Fitness Model
Amanda Foubister    Australian Fitness Model
Amanda has recently submitted her photos. She’s a top female fitness model and Ms. Fitness Australia ’07 Visit her site atmsfitnessnz.com

Anissa Eve- Female Fitness Model
Anissa Eve    Female Fitness Model
My name is Anissa Eve and I am a singer/songwriter, dancer, artist, and model is San Diego. I am 5′ 7″ and 115 pounds. My website is anissaeve.com. My myspace is myspace.com/anissaeve
Thank you, Anissa

Yesenia – Female Fitness Model
Yesenia    Female Fitness Model
My name is Yesenia. After the birth of my second son I started to train to get back into shape and it has been a part of my life ever since. Ultimately my goals are to be involved in the fitness industry. I have never competed or worked as a fitness model but it has always been something I want to experience. Through all the ups and downs that we go through in our lives I find that training is the one thing that keeps me strong physically as well as mentally. It is truly amazing what we can accomplish when we focus our minds in the right direction.

Charmain Moritz- Australian Fitness Model
Charmain Moritz    Australian Fitness Model
I’m Charmain Moritz of Sydney Australia. I compete in Australia but shall be venturing to Canada for the worlds in 2008 through wowfame so pretty excited.
Charmain Moritz- Female Fitness Model 3rd State WSNO/ANB 2007
State Champion WSNO/ANB 2006
2nd Australian WSNO/ANB 2006
Fitpole Instructor
Personal Trainer

Cherlanda Weal- Aspiring Fitness Model
Cherlanda Weal    Aspiring Fitness Model
I began weight training in May of 2004. Training became an addiction and a necessity for my demanding lifestyle. In 2005, I took fitness to a higher level by lifting heavier five days a week following 30 minutes of cardio. I also learned creative ways to prepare quick, healthier meals I am now a Personal Trainer who is pursuing a career in fitness modeling and competed in various figure competitions. I have been featured in Fitness & Physique, Oxygen Women’s Fitness Magazines and also modeled for Bebe Sports Apparel. Throughout my years of training, I continue to encourage others to look and feel their physical best by practicing a healthier lifestyle. Stay tune my website is coming soon!…Contact me: fitness@cherweal.com orcweal@msn.com
Sincerely, Cher Weal

Chrissy- Aspiring Female Fitness Model
Chrissy    Aspiring Fitness Model
We have just posted Chrissy’s fitness model photos and hope to have more information soon. Chrissy can be reached at Chrisy16661@aol.com

Christine- Female Fitness Model
Christine    Female Fitness Model
Christine is a female fitness model who’s recently submitted her photos. We hope to have more information soon. You can visit her website at:

Stefany Hildebrand- Aspiring Fitness Model
Stefany Hildebrand    Fitness Model
My name is Stefany Hildebrand and I am an aspiring fitness model. I live in Central Florida and I attend UCF. I love my time spent at the gym improving my fitness so I figured I’d give this a shot 😉
Age: 23 Height: 5’6 weight: 123 lbs bra: 32d waist: 26 hips: 35
Thank you for your time, Stefany

Annie Clark- Female Fitness Model
Annie Clark    Female Fitness Model
I’m Australia’s #1 fitness model. I’ve just released a great new weight training DVD – Weight Training: Getting the Body You Want, to help you get the most out of your workouts and be the best you can be. annieclark.com
Want to see more of me? You can check out more of my photos at myspace.com/anniefitness
Cheers, Annie

Julie- Beautiful Fitness Model
Julie    Beautiful Fitness Model
I’m Julie and I work as a fitness model along with lingerie, bikini, and runway modeling. I just finished shooting a lead role in the upcoming sci-fi thriller “The Dead and the Damned.” I also recently appeared on the Greg Barret show. I have eight years experience doing work as a promotional model for conventions, trade shows, and athletic equipment. I’m available for film, commercial, music video, and all related legitimate modeling opportunities. Please send serious inquiries only to juliefitmodel@yahoo.com

Clara Henson- Female Fitness Model
Clara Henson    Fitness Model
Clara is a professional photo model from Baltimore, MD. She’s available for photo model work and personal appearances.
Birthplace- Baltimore, MD Current Residence- Annapolis, Maryland
DOB- 2/24/81 Height- 5’8″ Weight- 118 lbs.
Measurements- 34D-23-34 Hair- Natural Long Blonde Eyes- Blue
email: clara_henson@yahoo.com

Anca Marcus- Female Fitness Model
Anca Marcus    Beautiful Fitness Model
My name is ANCA MARCUS, I am a Eastern European Bikini and Fitness Model. Featured in Fit Models International, Max Fitness and Sports, Bikini Calendars and DVD covers, also a tough running back player in the full contact footbal game: The Lingerie Bowl III (Half Time Super Bowl), Coming soon in American Curves. I come from Romania from a very athletic family. My Father is an Olympic judo coach and my mom a gymnastics coach. I started in sports and gymnastics at a very young age and loved every single minute. It takes a lot of committment and sacrifices but that is easy when you have the passion and drive. For 15 years I competed in a lot of national and international competitions, winning prizes and awards. After finishing with my carerr in Rythmic gymnastics my pasion for The GYM never stopped so I started weight training and of course I loved it! Now I’m a training addict, working hard to improve and to expand into the fitness industry. I am planing in start competing this year and I am VERY EXCITED about it!! You can find out more about me at ancamarcus.com
ANCA MARCUS: Height: 5’6″ Weight: 117 35C-24-35
Location : Santa Monica, CA

Valerie Levesque- Female Fitness Model
Valerie Levesque    Female Fitness Model
We’ve just posted Valerie’s female fitness model profile and will be adding more information soon. In the mean time you can visit her website at valerielevesque.com or contact her at val_musique@yahoo.com

Tara Ashley- Female Fitness Model
Tara Ashley    Female Fitness Model
My name is Tara Ashley. I am a fitness/ swimsuit/ lingerie model.
Stats: Height: 5’5 Weight: 115 lbs. Measurements: 34C-24-34
Brief Resume:
Miss Hooters Illinois 2005 & 2007
Hooters Calendars, Magazines, & Hooters Playing Cards
Maxim Magazine & DVD
Tia Lynn Lingerie
Big Headed Boxers
Various billboards and Several TV commercials
See more of my resume at OneModelPlace.com Profile 246328
Personal Email: tashley82@yahoo.com

Daria Gurova- Moscow Fitness Model
Daria Gurova    Moscow Fitness Model
My name is Daria and I’m from Moscow, Russia. I’m a fitness fan and try to test just everything! About bodybuilding, I always collect all the info about fitness and bodybuilding I can find. Here is much for man bodybuilders but not so much for women. Women have different physiology, so tips for men are not suitable. I’d enjoy sharing fitness tips and information.
Regards, Daria

Laura Hanson- Female Fitness Model
Laura Hanson    Female Fitness Model
Name: Laura Hanson
Age: 43 Height: 5’4″ Measurements: 38-27-36 Off-season weight: 150 lbs Competition weight: 132 lbs
I would have to say getting into bodybuilding changed my life. I started out 2 years ago over weight (size 12) and very much out of shape as it was even affecting my health. I started training with my boyfriend who has been a bodybuilder for over 20 years. I didn’t decide to do a show until after going to several shows. Seeing all those the beautiful figure and fitness girls on stage I knew I had to go for it. So, I finally set out to do my first show (a level V) at the ripe age of 43 and ended up placing 5th in the open level class. I couldn’t believe it! Muscular Development even posted pictures of me and my show on their online magazine!!! I loved it so much that decided to do another show June 23rd. Where this takes me I don’t know but getting there will be half the fun!

Fern Assard- Female Fitness Model
Fern Assard    Female Fitness Model
My name is Fern and I am a 38 year old mother of four. I pride myself on being 100% all natural, no implants, no tummy tucks. I am 5’3″. Contest weight 108 lbs, current weight 115, but subject to change of course. I am a NEW figure competitor. fitness model competitor.and also a bikini competitor. I am hoping to become a personal trainer and help other achieve their fitness goals surgery free! I can be reached at fern1836@yahoo.com .com and you may find additional photos of me atbodyspace.com/msfitness68

Dannell Becerra- Female Fitness Model
Dannel Becerra    Fitness Model
My name is Dannell Becerra from Oklahoma. I’m an aspiring fitness model / dancer. I currently own my own dance studio in Oklahoma city. The pictures I’ve sent are from the 2005 NPC Oklahoma Figure and Fitness Competition where I won over-all fitness and over-all figure. I’m three weeks out from competing in the FAME Fitness Model Search, so we’ll see how it goes.

Dennel is a Beautiful Fitness Model who sent her photos in several months ago. We have a huge back-log of Female Fitness Models waiting to be posted and we’re trying to catch-up.

Elizabeth Carlson- Female Fitness Model
Elizabeth Carlson    Female Fitness Model
Elizabeth Carlson
Able To Work: In and Around Dallas. TX
D.O.B. 05-20-85
Height: 5’3 Weight: 115 lbs
waist: 25″ hips: 29″ bust: 34B
eyes: blue hair: brown w/ highlights
race: white
Thank you so much for your time!!!

Jessica Settle- Female Fitness Model
Jessica Settle    Female Fitness Model
My name is Jessica settle and I’m from Coronado, CA. I’m an aspiring fitness model who hopes this site helps will put me on the map. I have recently started training and learning about diet and exercise. I’m excited to pursue a fitness modeling career. I am intelligent, unique and goofy. I am out-going and friendly, but at the same time respectful and professional. 🙂

Taylor Nicole- Female Fitness Model
Taylor Nicole    Female Fitness Model
Model: Taylor Nicole : 27 yrs old
Born and raised in Philadelphia Suburbs
5’6″ 120lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes
34D – waist 25 – hips 35 Shoe 7 1/2
Brand spanking new female fitness model seeking supplement sponsors and fitness assignments

Dawn Laverty- Female Fitness Model
Dawn Laverty    Hot Fitness Model
Dawn is a hot fitness model who submitted her photos several months ago. We hope to have more info on her soon!

Tanya Gavrilova- Russian Female Bodybuilder
Tanya Gavrilova    Russian Female Bodybuilder
My name is Tatiana. I’m a Female Bodybuilder and Fitness Model from Russia. I want to become a Personal trainer. I like to working-out in the gym. I’m just crazy for the bodybuilding! I’m looking for sponsors and friends. You can Email me at irbis2004@yahoo.com
Tatiana Gavrilova

Jennifer Amado- Female Fitness Model
Jennifer Amado    Female Fitness Model
My name is Jennifer Amado. I’m currently a WNBF pro competitor and NPC figure competitor pursuing a career as a Fitness Model. I’m seeking a mutually beneficial modeling contacts with companies in neeed of a female fitness model. I’ll continue my pursuit of obtaining my NPC and WNBF professional status in the sport of figure. When not hard at work pursuing my fitness goals, I’m a full-time purchasing manager and marketing consultant for a family owned company in Kansas City, MO. The demands of helping my father run his company has taught me to approach life with passion and positive attitude which is which I want to bring to your company. Fitness modeling will not only market my fitness career, but it will help your company. My physique will create great marketing recognition for your company. Consumers will associate your company with a fit and beautiful physique. My experience in the fitness industry will serve as a role model for others trying to pursue a fitness career and keep a fit physique. Please visit my website at www.jenniferamadofigure.com
Sincerely yours, Jennifer Amado
WNBF Figure Champion

CJ Allen- Transformed to Hot Fitness Model
CJ Allen    Transformed Fitness Model
I used to weight 200 lbs. Talk about a fatty. I lost 50 lbs within a year without any weight-loss pills. I changed my eating habits and started a kick ass training program. It was hell at first but became easier the longer I did it. I have attached the before and after photos. I look like 2 different people in these pictures. Yeeeeaaaaaaa I did it!!!!!!!
Corporate J. Allen

Julia Piper- Female Fitness Model
Julia Piper    Female Fitness Model
Julia is a self-employed Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Consultant to magazines, and Fitness Model running her own business.
Right now she is negotiating deals with a well known TV Production Company for her very own Fitness Slot, called “Ask Julia” and a men’s online magazine, as their very own personal Fitness Model and Health and Fitness expert.

Dawn Rochelle- Hot Fitness Model
Dawn Rochelle    Hot Fitness Model
With her sun-kissed beauty, piercing blue eyes, irresistible smile and amazing body, it’s no wonder why she was recently named as one of the “Top Ten Sexiest Vegetarians Alive” by PETA, one of the “Top Fashion Models” by Fashion Television, and one of “Maxim Magazine’s 101 Hottest”.
She became a top model for Catalina Swimwear, Cole of California Swimwear and Coors Light. More recently this hot fitness model has found success by working in Milan, Paris, London and the US appearing in campaigns for Adrienne Vittidini, Anne Cole, Bell Fitness, Dodge, Rodeo Rose, Modern Bride Magazine, Focus Magazine and South Beach Magazine. She has won titles like Miss Texas Lonestar, Miss Hawaiian Tropics National Finalist, Miss US Glamour Girl, Miss Summer Nationals, and top ten semi-finalist in the Miss Kansas USA Pageant, official preliminary to the Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants.
Website: DawnRochelle.com

Amanda Lynn Mayhew- Female Fitness Model
Amanda Lynn Mayhew    Female Fitness Model
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 132 lbs.
Hometown: Manitouwadge, Ontario
Date of Birth: September 3, 1974
Northern Ontario’s Fitness Model relocated to Southern Ontario in 2003 and started her own journey in the fitness world. Including a fresh new Magazine, clothing line and motivating website. A successful fitness model with a great resume.
Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Dawn Principe- Female Bodybuilder
Dawn Principe    Female Bodybuilder
I’m Dawn Principe and I’d love to show you everything I’ve got. I’m here for exposure, publicity, print and video work. I’m a powerfully beautiful Female Bodybuilder. My Stunning feminine muscled stature thunders mightily with exotic, immeasurable artistry, awe-inspiring in its aesthetic, sensual allure. You may contact me at dvpflex@yahoo.com or find me on myspace.com/flex77 

Dawn Principe, NPC National Level Female Bodybuilder Competitor, Physique Model and Personal Trainer.

Jessica- Fitness Model and Figure Competitor
Jessica    Female Fitness Model and Figure Competitor
Jessica is the 2006 Tenessee State Figure Champion, NPC Competitor and Female Fitness Model.

Height: 5.8 Weight: 130 to 135 lbs.
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Measurements: Chest 34B-Wist 25-Hips 34 Shoes: 7.5

Tina Steel- Australian Fitness Model
Tina Steel    Beautiful Fitness Model from Australia
Hi my name is Tina and I’m a Fitness Model from Australia. I have attached my pictures and my CV with all the modeling work I have done before. I am avialable for modeling work all over Europe and America. My resume is included with my photo.

Donna- Figure, Bikini, Fitness Model
Donna    Figure, Bikini, Fitness Model
My name is Donna and I’m from Chicago, IL and I’d like to thank you for viewing my profile. I’m very dedicated to the fitness lifestyle and have been training for several years. I practically live in the gym because it’s become a big part of me! I’m what you’d call a “gym rat.” I’ve also attended many female bodybuilding / fitness model and figure competitions in my area as well as the Arnold show several times. I have a pretty muscular body, but I’ve never really done anything with it. I’m looking for any sponsors, fitness model, film/commercial, or even magazine opportunities. I’ve participated in my NPC Figure Competition with great results, placing 7th out of 11 in the tall division and will be doing three more in ’07. I’ve been in the fitness model field for about 5 years now and enjoy it thoroughly as well as the people I meet in the process.
I’m a true Midwest girl! I love working-out, horseback riding, and working on my photography! Being a Fitness Model is something I started to do for fun and now it’s become one of my true passions. I’ve had the privilege to work with phenomenal photographers that have really captured me. I’ve also done promotional product modeling at several Chicago area Powerhouse Gyms..
Stats: Height: 5’6″ Weight: 115 lbs. Meas: 34D-24-34 Hair: Auburn Brown Eyes: Green/Hazel
*If interested in working with me please email Donna@taboomodel.com (No Nude Fitness Model work, please don’t ask!)

Chellss- Beautiful Fitness Model
Chells    Fitness Model
I am a 24 year old figure competitor and fitness model. I will travel to LA, FL and NY for shoots. Also I am available to do work in Europe (I live in Amsterdam). I enjoy doing photo shoots. Being in front of the camera gives me a great feeling. I am not shy at all. Very outgoing and crazy. I love everything that’s new. The first trip I have planned is this summer. I will be in shape and ready to have some great photo shoots. I hope to see you then!!
Contact Me

Date of birth: 05-28-83
Place of birth: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Height: 5’5 Weight: 125 lbs
Bust: 34DD Waist: 24 Hips: 34

Bari Locker – Female Fitness Model
Bari Locker    Female Fitness Model
My name is Bari Locker and I reside in South FL.I a female fitness model and would be interested in opportunities for modeling and promotion. Please contact me at swtluvxo@hotmail.com
Web page coming soon!

Bobbie Jo Kolb – Female Fitness Model
Bobbie Jo Kolb    Female Fitness Model and Figure Competitor
I have a look that is appealing to many! I would be of a great assistance to your company! Look for me… I am currently preparing to compete in several NPC contests in October / November 2006
Don’t forget to check out my photo gallery…

Height: 5’4″
Measurements: 34-26-34
Weight: 112 / 119 (off-season)
Dress Size: 2

“The Gym” – Pismo Beach, CA
Melodrama – Oceano, CA

Trainer: Saul Kolb

INBA/ABA 2005 “World Championships”
1st place Fitness Model
3rd place Figure

INBA/ABA 2005 “Mr Universe”
2nd place Fitness model


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