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Wendy Fortino

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My name is Wendy Fortino. I am a professional figure competitor with the IFBB, and I use this sport to keep me from eating decadent sweets. Just kidding… I do have a sweet tooth (big time!), but I definitely enjoy being in shape more than the few seconds of pleasure that sweets gives me.

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I have been an athlete my whole life, competing in gymnastics, track, cross country, and now figure competition. I began my figure career in 2008 when my track career came to a halt due to a foot injury. On the surface, this sport appears shallow; but believe it or not, people LOVE to look and feel their best… And most people need a hard goal date to get there. 

In 2011, I accomplished the greatest thing I may never be able to comprehend, by winning the overall title at the 2011 NPC USA Figure Championships. If this is the last thing that I ever accomplish in this sport personally (aside from the millions of people I plan to help in the coming years), I will be OKAY! 😛

Note: Wendy is now the Co-owner of CyberBodyShop: your superior online resource for bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and physique contest preparation; as well as total body transformations. You may be looking for a coach who can understand your body, and create something that WILL work to help you achieve your goals. Matt Allen and Wendy Fortino have a combined 25 years of experience and success in the fitness industry; with which they have mastered the art of creating customized, structured programs to help people not only achieve their goals – but WIN at competition! This website is a “one-stop-shop”, where you can choose a customizable nutrition plan, training plan, contest preparation package, and top quality presentation coaching, all at the same place.

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