Lotte Bendix: MuscleMom!

Lotte Bendix: MuscleMom!
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lm10Can you tell us a little about yourself, your daily day training why you started training etc?

Since I was about 9-10 years, I have been deeply fascinated by the muscles, it’s probably started with the first television series on The HULK. When I was about 11 years was my only wish for Christmas, a 5-kg dumbbell and I was so sure that my mom bought it for me, the disappointment was huge when I did not get it. I chose to save my pocket money for even being able to buy it, and so I did! My knowledge on the sport was minimal and it was not so much. I have not just grown much exercise in elementary school, but when I got to high school it started to come. We had sports day and I joined the weightlifting. I was introduced to the sport through Lillerød Weightlifting Association, where they had set up a team of girls who would strength train. It was not long before I asked for permission to get on the team with the men, because I thought that the girls spent more time gab than to train, totally frivolous. I moved up to the men and began to happen a bit with my body. After a year, I chose to become a member of the ordinary. Gym in Birkeroed. , I worked on the body and took part in the championships begin, and DM. My best position was 3rd place at DM in the late eighties. Unfortunately, I was too focused on career and the sport came at a low level. I was employed in Q8 as business manager, and quickly became both superuser and teaches accounting, although I no education.
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In ’93 I had my first daughter and second in ’97. As the youngest, Emma, ​​was around 1 year, I chose to follow the dream I had had for many years, becoming Danish champion. I resumed my training and it gave me so much blood on the tooth.When I was 8 years ago met the love of my life, Torben, he was so much help to help me on the way, he has always been attracted to female bodybuilders and without him was not I reached where I am today. I opted for a little over 4 years ago to look for another job, as 70-80 hours a week, no free weekends and holidays, not something I wanted to continue, 20 years as chief was enough! Today, I am as accounts payable in an IT retail business in the loop. My colleagues just had to get used to the “weird accountant” who eats all the time and not just go in complicated skirt and cardigan, but against tank top and tights . But here in the company there is room for everyone.

Has training in any way changed your daily today? Positive or negative.

My training contributes structure, it is simply need to learn, and holistic. With two kids, 3 cats, 1 dog, man, home and garden, every minute of the day worthwhile. Not least the planning of quality and comfort with the three people who mean everything to me in life, my children, Chamomile and Emma, ​​and my husband Torben. Moreover, I have great pleasure in me despite my age, 45, is in reasonable shape. But the coin has as a downside – people’s general lack of understanding of it that stands out from the gray (and overweight) mass. From time to time you get some extremely rude comments. For some reason feel mr and mrs. Denmark, if you are proud of her body, it’s free in bun dough – to vilify, denigrate. It’s something that hits at first, but I learned why these verbal attacks – people need to justify their own complacency, so totally “surplus like” I smile just when I get comments, because I know what the real reason is – and that in itself is in fact considered a compliment. So I choose to have “YES” hat.

How is your training structured off-season and in-season?

I have the attitude of the off-season does not exist in my terminology, I want to stay in shape as close to the stage form as possible, exercising and eating then. I’ve tried to run the “old school” off-season, but I can not see the point of getting fat and look like a chest freezer when I can keep a form which for me is better and I feel generally better. Furthermore, I have unfortunately a genetic metabolic disorder that broke out in full flame in 2007 and I got so much a “wake-up call”. As my dear doctor said it was a bit of a miracle that I survived. I live therefore dietary intake as a diabetic, with only a few times a year where I allow myself to tuck simple carbohydrates. So there are several reasons why I keep a low weight / fat percentage, the primary – to survive! Training wise, the big change cardioen that you take when I approach a competition and more focus on my problem areas. The body is marked by the fact that I’m over 40 and it offers some challenges for competitive purposes, but as long as I improve myself and my children are proud, I’m happy.

How is your diet, something special or totally old school?

As mentioned, I can not tolerate simple carbohydrates, and has for several years tried me up to the amount of complex carbohydrates, with varying results. I can easily live for several months, with an average carbohydrate intake below 40 grams per liter. day without me feel anything, either at work or sport. But clearly my muscles so not crowded as others, so I have after DM 2011 tried to adjust my body to a greater intake and with excellent results. So it gets a chance in a year’s time when I monitor the body and assess whether it is the way to go. In spite of my old age, I continue undeterred, for me age a number, your real age is reflected in your attitude, your lifestyle and your drive! What about supplements, it is something you use, if so which, if no why not  I spend so clear protein, and has benefited greatly from partly L-carnitine, creatine, and for the first time this year tested pre-workout drink in the form of X-off, then. I stick to a few things, because I am convinced that the body would not be able to benefit from too much differently. But I like to find natural help resources, ginger, horseradish, rosemary, chilli, etc. that benefit and strengthen the body in other ways.

What’s it like to be the athlete at a higher level, what are the pros and cons?

This I have a little trouble to answer, since I do not see myself as an athlete at the right level. I’m just a mother who wants to achieve personal goals in life and have “an experience”. This I have so much gotten past years I’ve been on TV a few times, made ​​posters to TV2 Zulu and associated commercials, and various small projects such as music video and help more students with their assignments. For it gives me the ability to “turn” people that women do not have to be +20 kg just because they have borne children, you can easily have children AND six-pack! Basically I’m just a betting hillbilly from North Zealand who lives in a small village who prefer to enjoy at home with family. I also am in the fortunate position that both my daughters have followed in my footsteps, so training is done mostly with both girls. I’m enjoying myself at the thought of a few mothers can “boast” of their children are proud of their mother and want to be like her. It got really feel a couple of years ago when my oldest daughter one day turned into the street and looked me straight in the eye and said – “Mom you are an incredible role model …. ”  It was just swallowed a few times before I found brokered and stammered that I am only a human being and has many deficiencies. But I will never forget! I will probably never be world champion, but I’ve already got the best price – my daughters love, look up to and respect me more than any other mother I’ve ever heard of. Everything else seems so no matter compared to this.

Can you give a good tip for the readers out there?

Otherwise, only to say – live your dream out, see the possibilities and not limitations, be realistic and believe in yourself, because if you do not believe in you, do no other !

The “six” fast:

Beef or Chicken? Chicken
Light or regular? Are there still “regular”???????
Fat or Carbohydrates? The right mix of both!, the body can not “run” without either fat, carbohydrates or protein, like a car must use both oil, water and gas!… It came from the old tank suit
Squat or Deadlift? BOTH!!
Bench press with bar or dumbbells? BOTH!!
Fair Form or structured program? Day Form.

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