Greek Goddess: Anastasia Papoutsaki

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ap0There is a new Greek Female Bodybuilding Goddess and her name is Anastasia Papoutsaki. In this context we welcome Anastasia Papoutsaki of Heraklion, Crete. Anastasia has a long history in competitive sports from an early age, starting on the track as a track athlete at the 100m and later focusing on the 400m hurdles receiving honors in Greece and abroad.

After closing her circle in track athletics and while weights always attracted her, she felt it was the right time to seriously get into the “iron” sport, bodybuilding. This year was her first distinction in bodybuilding by winning the Ms. Crete title. With the help of her coach and the support from the specialized supplements WarriorLab she is on her way for even greater achievements.

We wish her every success and we are confident that in the near future we will have much more to say about her course in bodybuilding.

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