2009 Olympia Qualifications

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Looking at the pro female bodybuilders that have qualified so far for the 2009 IFBB Ms. Olympia we have*

Pros qualified from the 2008 Ms. Olympia:
1. Iris Kyle, USA
2. Betty Viana-Adkins, Venezuela
3. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia, Venezuela
4. Lisa Aukland, USA
5. Dayana Cadeau, Canada
6. Cathy LeFrancois, Canada

Pro qualifications added from the 2009 Ms. International:
Debi Laszewski, USA – placed 2nd
Heather Armbrust, USA – placed 4th
Isabelle Turell, USA – placed 7th, and qualifies due to those above already being qualified.

Pro qualifications added from the 2009 New York:
Betty Pariso, USA – placed 2nd
Rosemary Jennings, USA/Bahamas – placed 3rd

Pro qualifications added from the 2009 Tampa:
Gale Frankie, placed 2nd
Tina Chandler, placed 3rd

There is one more chance for pros to gain an Olympia qualification this year; the Atlantic City in September.

*Some show have the 4th placer being allowed to qualify if the top 3 already have….so someone may be missing.

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