Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

That’s right, Femalmuscle’s own Dr. Marilyn LaJoie is competing at the IFBB North American show in Cleveland, Ohio

The 2010 IFBB North American Championships will be held this weekend in Cleveland, Ohio. This will be one of the last opportunities of the year to achieve IFBB Pro status. IFBB Pro cards will be awarded to the top two placers in the Open Men, Open Figure and Open Bikini overall comparisons. Pro cards will also be awarded to the overall winners of the Over 40 Men, Over 50 Men, Open Women’s Bodybuilding and Over 35 Women Bodybuilding, Open Fitness, Over 35 Figure and Over 35 Bikini.

Dr. Marilyn says, “I am here at the host hotel, applying ProTan! Ah! The glorious life of a competitive bodybuilder. Maybe someone will be here to cheer me on. Thanks for your support. I would love to turn Pro.” So if you’re in the Cleveland area go on out and show Dr. Marilyn some love and give her some support!

Prejudging is at 8:30AM. Finals are at 5PM starting with Fitness Routines then right into Women over 35 Bodybuilding then Women’s Open Bodybuilding.

For complete information regarding the show, click this link and go to the promoters website.