Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The highly anticipated rematch between Corrinne `Sexy Panther’ Van Ryck De Groot (right) and Shondell `Mystery Lady’ Alfred (left), that has been rescheduled three times, is once again on the books and scheduled for June 3rd. The women’s International Boxing Association (WIBA) President, Ryan Wissow, and the head of BrisO Promotions, Seon Bristol, are working hard to ensure another post-ponement does not happen.

WIBA bantamweight champion Shondell told Stabroek Sport she has been presented with a contract and her corner was satisfied with each of the conditions. She also said she is looking forward to working with the New York-based promoter and hopes, this time, everything goes as planed.

Shondell’s only focus at the moment is her fight preperation and keeping her focus until the fight is over.