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Article by Andrew Michalak

Children fitness was one of the topics at the 2009 EBFF Meeting recently held in Santa Susanna. The first World Children Fitness Championships will be held next July in Bratislava, Slovakia.
These Championships will include the girls categories only; however there is nothing against the boys fitness, which may be added next year. The age divisions will be as follows: 8-9, 10-11, 12-13 and 14-15 years old. Year of birth is decisive, not exact date of birth.
There will be two rounds:
– Physic assessment round (quarter turns). Attires: bra top and skin-tight shorts (see pictures). No shoes. Judges will seek for physiques gifted for fitness, with proper body structure, overall body proportions and symmetry, stage presentation.

– Routine round (90 seconds). Attire: optional. Similar like in women’s fitness. Should include strength and flexibility elements, with gymnastic, acrobatic, dance and aerobic moves. Tempo, choreography and proper technique are also important factors.
Bronzers and other body cosmetics are not permitted.

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