Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Stephanie Moed can cheer at some of the best competitions around, but make no mistake, this women is serious business. She is a full time fire fighter with heroism and discipline she credits her on going career in competitive cheer. You won’t see her chanting or cheering for any team. Her squad is the team. Competitive cheer is all about athleticism and the squads ability to demonstrate difficult skills in carefully choreographed routines.

“Firefighting is a tough, manly job but cheerleading is what taught me to be tough,” Stephanie said. “We’re training hard for competitions. Bodies are flying through the air. Sometimes an elbow comes out and hits you in the face. I’ve probably broken my nose, but who knows, because I’ve been hit in the face so many times.”

Her list of cheerleading-related injuries over the years have included a dislocated shoulder, concussions, facial cuts serious enough to require stitches and tooth knocked out. While her injuries will no doubt continue, it is hard to tell where they will come from. After high school, completed a specialized firefighter training course in Texas. She joined the Hamilton fire department about three years ago and is one of nine female firefighters on the department.

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