Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

Kymberlee Jay is a plus-sized hip hop dancer. Typically dancers in music and promotional videos fit a certain profile: petite, sexy and did I say small petite? But that isn’t Kymberlee at all, at least not conventionally. She is an amazing dancer and her confidence has given her a sexiness that clothes and make up could never create.

Kymberlee has found all the fame she had ever dreamed of after being hand-picked by Madonna to appear in promo videos. Her striking appearance and unconventional dancer’s physique has simultaneously inspired women and sparked a bit of controversy in the industry. However, she is now an athlete on the Nike payroll, a TV presenter, choreographer, and above all a dancer.

She has taken an art she loved and perused it with all of her heart regardless of the chips stacked against her, and she has come out on top.

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