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Lori’s workout:
I work out with very heavy weights, like the guys. I also use a lot of free-weights. I like to do a 3 day on with one day off split routine or sometimes change it up with a 2 day on one day off split routine. I break my body parts into a Leg day, Chest day, Tri, Bi, Shoulder day, and Back day. As a guide I try to do reps around 8 – 12 and around 3 sets for each exercise. I only work out about 40 minutes – 1 hour. Anything over 1 hour is bad and wears you down and is counterproductive. Also forget the aerobics your body adepts to them and eventually they don’t work. Just break your body parts into 4 groups and do 1 part each day. I just keep rotating this over & over.

Lori’s Diet:
I try to eat every 3 hours after I work out. Right when I work out I eat 9 egg whites with oatmeal. Rest of the day every three hours I eat at least 40 grams of protein with 40 grams of carbs which would be either Whey Protein with oatmeal at one sitting or meals like lean steaks, fish, chicken with oatmeal for my carbs. I guess I eat a lot of Oatmeal because it’s about the only carb that the body does not store as fat, plus it breaks down slow so it keeps you full so your not hungry all the time.

Why Do You Love Fitness?

It does so much for you. Makes you look & feel younger. Even my face thinned out which does a lot for looks. Your strength makes you feel like 18, and sex drive is great. You have a lot of energy. You wouldn’t believe what I looked like 3 years ago! I looked terrible. I used to be a junk food junkie eating a box a dots a day for energy. Funny, but candy actually causes you to loose energy. Now I haven’t eaten any candy in 2 years.

I started because someone I dated at the time inspired me to workout and to really go out and go for my goals or at least set some. They inspired me so much that it grew and I started entering contests and then it carried over into modeling. Now I’m modeling full time. Funny how you can cross a path or someone’s path and if you take the right one it can change your life because I never looked at a weight less than 3 years ago.

What One Tip Would You Give Other Fitness Competitors?

Just keep it up and don’t stop. The week where you feel tired at least do light workouts instead of doing nothing. Also very important, LIFT VERY HEAVY WEIGHTS LIKE THE GUYS DO. No, you won’t look like a guy if you do that because those are steroid girls. A woman’s body can only get so big and cut up. Try to lift free weights and as a guide do as much weight as you can so you can barely get that 10th rep up. I am trying to get on as many magazines and videos as possible. I have a very successful website called and i have also been seen on tons of websites and on television and also i have broken view records on many model sites. I also was interviewed on tv in Los Angles and have done some red carpet promotions just last month. I hope to get famous somehow through either fitness or the sexy pinup world or even video whichever gets me there 1st. I like to think i’m a rarity like a cross between monica brant and jana jamison. I hope that everyone else will feel the same way because i really try hard in everything i do. I know anyone who joins my web site will see that and be very happy.Love

Lori Lust


* Name: Lori Lust
* E-mail:
* Age: 26
* Height: 5’4″
* Contest Weight: 115lbs
* Location: Novi Mich. but shoot a lot in Calif
* Years Competing: 1 Year, but modeled 2
* Favorite Body Part: Legs and Glutes
* Strongest Body Part: Legs
* Measurements: 34D, 26, 33

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