Thu. May 23rd, 2024

We’ve spotlighted some great Fantasy Muscle artists, but there are so many more. One of the best places to see more talent is the Female Muscle Club at DeviantArt, one of the largest collective of female muscle artists anywhere. It boasts over 500 members, 1300 watchers and the list continues to grow.

Started in 2006 by artist Jebriodo, this group showcases the best in fantasy female muscle by artists that are passionate about the genre. Many different mediums and styles are represented, such as traditional, cartoonists, cgi, morphers, animators, photographers, authors and so on. The club also aims to inspire it’s members with monthly themes, contests and promotions. Whether you’re an artist, fan or bodybuilder, check out the Female Muscle Club to see some great art on our favorite subject.

DeviantArt is the largest art community in the world with over 13 million users. It’s free to sign-up, browse and share over 100 million works of art. Non-artists are welcome too. Contributing writer Area Orion.

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