Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Sarah Bäckman, 18-years-old, has not slowed down in her mission to be the best. Recently, Sarah and her team went to the European Armwrestling Championships in Russia. She went with a dream of one day winning as a senior competitor and her dream was not as far off as she had thought! Sarah won the left arm competition and came 3rd with her right arm.

Sarah wrote in her blog:A dream. A dream doesn’t have to become reality so fast, or ever. But it did, for me…I once again proved to myself, and everyone else, that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, that you can do WHATEVER you EVER want to do…. If you only have a wish, a goal, you will automatically have enough willpower to do whatever what is needed to reach it.”

She took two weeks off from training after her big win, but she is back at the gym and is training for strength, power and another win. This was her first gold as a senior competitor, but she has won three golds when she was a junior. Sarah has champion all over her, and we think you will agree!

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