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“I was born and raised in a very small town in Sweden. To be brought up with 4 brothers I was born and raised in a very small town in Sweden. To be brought up with 4 brothers made me pretty stubborn and active. Sport and exercising has always been a big part of my life. My mom was at home with us through all of my childhood and gave us the security we needed. My dad use to be a professional motocross rider and was and am still very interested in exercise and to be active. After his career in motocross he started powerlifting as did two of my brothers too.I started training with weights when I was 18. By that time I was into show jumping with my horse. I needed to strengthen my arms and legs to keep up with my horse so I started to visit the local gym in town. I got introduced to the weights and after a week I was hooked by it. I started to make progress fast and got so many good compliments for my strength that it encouraged me to go further. I liked the way you sculpture you body and how you can manage and increase the weights.

Since I responded fast to training, my arms started to grow within 6 weeks. I started to read muscle magazines and when I saw Cory Everson and Lenda Murray, I just knew that a physique like that is what I want to achieve. This lead me into start competing.

I did my first Swedish nationals 1992 where I placed 3rd. My first World Championship came 1994 with a 10th place as a result. Then I did some more World Championships with 5th place as best result. After that I started to aim for the other side of the Atlantic sea.Since my first time in USA 1994, I always have had as goal to one day be live and train here. But since I had my son to look after and my life in Sweden, I knew I couldn’t go yet.2001 my life was put on hold since my mom was diagnosed cancer I her stomach. I lived with the frightening thought of loosing her at same time as I tried to have hope for her and keep her positive and strong. The doctors did surgery on her after a long process and we thought that she was safe. Unfortunately it had already spread and in 2002 it got worse and she found out by the doctors that her days were now counted. They gave her 2 months to live. This turned my life up side down.

Together with my brothers we decided to nurse her in her home to give her the best ending. I had to take time off from my job and travel to my old hometown and stay there as much as possible. I nursed her 24 hours a day for a week and then my brothers did one week. The stress we went through was undescribable. To see her get weaker and see her desperate eyes put scares in all of us. She was so full of life and stubborn that she didn’t pass away until after 6 months. She never wanted to give up. She is my biggest hero and I know she is always with me. I’m proud of being her daughter and all I got I have her to thank for.It took my long time to get back to the gym but with help of fans and friends I decided to do what my mother wanted me to do. Be a bodybuilder and aim to become professional and try to reach for my dreams. To move to US.

Not until I got my IFBB pro card 2005 I felt my dream was getting closer. In August 2005 I competed in Europa Super show in Texas where I finished 4th which really made me encouraged to try to finally make a move.February 2006 I packed my suitcases and made a move to Los Angeles. I lived there for 2 years until I moved on to Boise Idaho. I’m now working with personal training and establish my company MJ K.I.S ( Keep it simple) Future Physique.I want to thank my husband Kris Gethin for have given me a new life with lots of love and encouragement to reach for my goals and dreams and I want to thank my son, that means the world for me, for have to put up with a mom who is dieting, constantly training and working. I love you Sebastian.

I have the best of friends around me and some of my earlier role models of this sport are now my best friends. Lenda Murray, Dorian Yates, Gary Strydom are some of them.”

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