Thu. Jun 20th, 2024


One of the athletes featured in my recent article ‘Sex, Muscle and Power’ was a relative newcomer called Kortney Olsen (better known as KO) a popular attraction on the this sites and one of life’s eternal free spirits.

I recently decided to grab a hold of her (figuratively speaking!) and find out a little more about bodybuilding’s newest wild child….

So, to get things rolling, can you tell us a little about how you got into the wonderful world of working out?
“I grew up idolizing an older brother and had a bunch of boys as ‘BFF’s’. I loved doing ‘boy stuff’ such as riding quads, shooting guns and lifting things! My dad used to have a gym in the garage too and I loved looking at all the sexy posters of girls he had on the walls. Then when I was seven years old he gave me ‘8 minute abs’ on VHS….and it was all downhill from there…lol!!”

Do you think we will see you on the bodybuilding stage in the future?
“Hell Yeah!! Right now I am working with Cathy Paylo and am planning to do my first show on May 22 in Hayward, California. It is not an ‘all natural’ show but I will be…I am gonna prove a point!”

Getting back to your life away from the gym (in the interests of ‘investigative reporting’ of course…) you seem to have a very liberal attitude when it comes to sex. For instance in a recent interview you mentioned that your first sexual experience was with the ‘girl next door’ at the age of 8…that was pretty young to be exploring bisexuality…..
“Mmmm…I think I started a lot younger than that…lol! In fact I started messing around with girls from the age of 5 or 6…I guess you could say I was pretty liberated. Maybe it was because I was raised in a hippy town!”

So, the ‘girl next door’ experience…who initiated that one?
“Ha! If I could remember I would tell you! All I recall was her closet, closed blinds and pretending that we were ‘playing doctor’…”

Being such a ‘born liberal’ and growing up in the country rather than a big city, did you ever feel restricted by your environment?
“A little I guess…my mom was always ‘hammered’ (she is 9 years sober now) and both parents worked out of town…”

And the locals, how did they treat you?
“Everyone loved little Kortney Kay! I was always outgoing, charismatic and charming. I loved talking to strangers and entertaining people!”

You are currently in a relationship with a man but you are also involved with a woman. How does that work for you?
“It doesn’t! He is one of the few men who frown upon me hooking up with another chick. Guy or girl, it is all the same and considered cheating by him.”

Okay, I recently got a tattoo (a phoenix for those into details) so I am curious about your scorpion tattoo…you got it on your stomach (ouch!) why?
“I got that tattoo to prevent me from ever having a baby. If I had a baby it would grow into a lobster and I can’t have that…lol! I mean I have been working on having a tight tummy since I was 7 so I can’t lose that!”

You do a lot of session work. How would you answer those who criticize and look down on this kind of activity?
“No one has ever criticized me to my face, so I’m not sure…I would probably tell them to come and give me a big hug, and then I would do a single leg take down and throw their ass in a scissor choke hold!”

Do you ever worry about being put in a dangerous situation by a client?
“To be honest with you, not as much as I probably should. I tend to forget that I am not Superman. I do travel with someone now and have some ‘secret weapons’. It’s dangerous even walking down the street these days!”

You have recently done quite a bit of work with Brian Moss…how was that?
“I LOVE Brian Moss!!!! Nuff said!”

Okay, so getting back to porn for a minute…although you have done girl/girl videos, would you ever consider doing girl/guy?
“I would NEVER do girl/guy videos. For me personally that is crossing the line. I would still do girl/girl videos if my fiancé didn’t mind. I miss it…I love beautiful women!”

So what is the ultimate goal for KO?
“To reach out to every person and help motivate them to work out. Also to change the image of a supermodel from that of a skinny, stick bitch to a hard bodied, sexy, beautiful woman.”

Okay…now that you have attracted even more fans…just how can they go about getting in touch with you…?
“They can go to my website it has recently been re-vamped and I am really pleased with it!”

Leigh Penman