Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

I am no longer a small town girl of a population of 500 people. I have recently made the move to the city!!! Well a city to me. I went from 500 to 12,0000. See what did I tell ya. Kinda scary at first but hey I am tuff. Adjusting to working out in public is kina weird. Until now I did all my training in the garage. But all that equipment got sold in the move and well here I am a city chick working out in a public gym talk about adjustments. As for my restaurant it is up for sale and I am working for a oilfield company.

Still all the family history is the same. I am the youngest girl of five children. I have a older sister and three brothers. So yes you guessed it life growing up was rough. It was like having four fathers following me around everywhere!!. Hey besides not allowing me to go to the parties or to my own grad without them there to chaperone and a 11:00 curfew at 18 years old what fun would life have been. (I just keep telling myself that!) In the long run I knew they did it because they loved me so all is good. I have seven dogs. One English Setter and six English Pointers. They are a whole lot of fun. Each year we head down to southern United States and trial with them on wild birds. Generally quail. It is amazing to watch them at work! Just lost the only girl we had a couple months ago…my rottweiler. Broke my heart – she was eleven and well, I just say that Heaven has a new Angel.

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Besides all that just living life as a bodybuilder and loving it. I found my true passion in this sport and I hope I never disappoint you. As long as I step foot on any stage I promise to present myself at my best. Hope to see you around.