Lenda Murray: Throwback Thursday with 8-time Ms. Olympia winner #tbt

Lenda Murray: Throwback Thursday with 8-time Ms. Olympia winner #tbt

Lenda Murray is a champion female bodybuilder from the United States. She is an eight-time winner of the Ms. Olympia title, the highest achievement in professional female bodybuilding. Early life and education Murray was born in 1962 in Detroit, Michigan. At Henry Ford High School, Murray was both a record-holding sprinter and varsity cheerleader. She went on to attend Western Michigan University, earning a degree in […]

Cristiana Casoni Pre-Arnold Photo Shoot Video

Cristiana Casoni Pre-Arnold Photo Shoot Video

IFBB Pro Figure Cristiana Casoni looks amazing in this photo shoot earlier this month. She looks primed and ready for the big stage in Columbus on Friday! Stay tuned to Female Muscle to see if she keeps the same cool, confident composure she does in this shoot!

What Abs in Vegas: Mallory Haldeman IFBB Figure Competitor

Mallory Haldeman is an IFBB Figure competitor, model, owns a gym in Vegas and we are fans of hers.  We hope she keeps up her social media activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  In 2012 and 2013 she came in 5th in the Olympia and we wish her success in the future.  Listen to her […]

Dayana Cadeau IFBB Pro All-Star

Dayana Cadeau, 43-years-old, is considered the most successful Canadian bodybuilder in the world. While she was born in Haiti, she was raised in Canada and now resides in Florida. In addition to being a successful IFBB pro, model, personal trainer and Esthetician. Birth June 2, 1966 (1966-06-02) (age 43), Haiti Height 5′ 4½” Weight (In Season): 128-135 […]

Yaxeni Oriquen on the road to Ms. International 2011

Yaxeni Oriquen, who won the Phoenix Pro, fell second to the legendary Iris Kyle in 2010. However, Yaxeni’s stage presence and beauty has her in a league of her own. In a couple of weeks, Yaxeni will face Iris again at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.  Check her out in this exclusive Female […]

Denise Rutkowski Gallery and Video

Looking back at the nearly forgotten women who have made the industry so great has been a wonderful project! Denise Rutkowski has been no exception! Something else interesting about Denise is she was often known to bounce between two wigs, one blond and one black, either way she is amazing!!

Ava Cowan: No Signs of Slowing Down

Ava Cowan is back at it, making waves in the fitness industry. Her latest venture is a mini-series on GaspariNutrition.com titled, “The Sport of Figure Featuring Ava Cowan.” Early on, Ava had Hollywood dreams. She even lived in California for a while before eventually settling in Florida as a personal trainer. She will get an opportunity […]

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