Miss 'Beefy' America

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Okay, the mainstream press seems to be starting to lose it now. I snagged the title above from a article from the Daily Mail, a top British newspaper..here’s a sample of the article:

The Miss America pageant 2009 is set to be one of the fiercest fought events in history, contested almost exclusively by Amazonian gym buddies with seriously sculpted figures. The swimsuit segment of the show in the heats at the Planet Hollywood resort in Las Vegas confirmed that a new breed of female athletes are going for glory, a far cry from the very natural looking girls-next-door who have competed down the 80 years of the competition’s history.

Numerous other sites covered it as well with the same type theme about the contestants of the recent Miss America beauty pageant, being overly muscular. Trolling through some of the comments sections of another site here was a real gem:

I never thought I would be saying they need to start testing for steroids in Ms America, but they REALLY need to.

Here is a photo of one of the muscle machines: Miss New York:


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