Marion Jones Refocused And Back In The Game

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Marion Jones, the epic Olympic sprinter, who was striped of her gold medal for doping charges has found a new home. She is playing in the WNBA for the Tulsa Shock. She has come a long way in her athletic journey. From the greatest sprinter for the USA, to the shame of the USA, she has been through it all. She has her first game under her belt and she’s doing good.

“It was a good day. Mother’s Day, with my husband there to watch,” she talked about her first game. “My first game, the team won, coach Richardson was happy. I scored a couple of baskets, got a couple of rebounds and steals. I did OK. I just looked around and thought ‘gosh, what a difference a couple of years can make’. I felt blessed to be given this second chance in sport. And it made me think ‘if people can hear my story, and think how far I’ve travelled in such a short time, it could act as incredible inspiration for them’.”

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  1. Roland Briceño  November 12, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    I always knew that there was something rare and suspected in Marion Jones:

    She`s a BLACK WOMAN without curves and a flat butt like Zhana Pintusevich-Block, LIKE A MAN


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