Fantasy Muscle: Lisa Cross Gets A Morphing

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Female bodybuilder Lisa Cross has all my favorite attributes in a woman. Beautiful, intelligent and built like a Mack truck. She recently stopped by Area Orion for some digital body enhancements, not that it’s needed. This power-packed dynamo nearly blew out the lab equipment. After the smoke cleared, I asked if she could say a few words:

Howdie to all of my fans!
Ben has kindly offered to morph one of my photographs. I’m a morph virgin so it’s really exciting to see myself with such unworldly mass and a great inspiration for me to train harder and get bigger. Give me a year or two and I’ll hopefully be some of way toward achieving such an awe inspiring physique. Now with that in mind and looking at this photo, I think it’s time to hit the iron.

Dream big. Dare to fail. Lisa x

A morph virgin no longer. I want to thank Lisa and Luke from for stopping by. Check out Lisa’s female muscle videos on her new website or I’ll amp the power up more next time.

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Lori Braun

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One Response to "Fantasy Muscle: Lisa Cross Gets A Morphing"

  1. James Peter  December 8, 2010 at 12:56 am

    A very nice effort; a pinch off the thighs and we would be talking atomic hot; as it is, it’s still darn nice…


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