Fantasy Muscle: All-New Quadra-Blu

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Here’s brand new art of Quadra-Blu from Lyman Dally. The lollipop has significance with the storyline besides looking damn sexy. Lyman has roughly five episodes written and has allowed me to give you a sneak peak into the new Quadra-Blu series.

“Here’s some inside info on Quadra-Blu’s universe. She leaves her home planet to become a corporate shill. She does that by using her body (not guns or superpowers or spy networks). She’s the sponsor of a questionable product which will coincide with the overall NEW title of the series (I can’t call it “Max Rep” anymore). She will have a bodybuilder physique, and not the slimmed-down fitness physique some people were afraid of. And, she can break coconuts with her thighs.” – Lyman Dally

Coconuts, thighs & lolllipops, oh my. This should be good.

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2 Responses to "Fantasy Muscle: All-New Quadra-Blu"

  1. James Peter  December 19, 2010 at 12:35 am

    Any new entrant to the world of bodybuilding images is welcome. Peoples’ taste in art is as individual as their taste in anything else. I have to admit that most men far prefer the ‘fitness’ ideal of woman to the bodybuilding model. I confess that I share that too. So cartoons in that style are preferred unless they are a caricature, which is quite different.

  2. Lyman Dally  December 20, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    I agree with you James. Important to say here that this series will be story-driven with Quadra-Blu rendered massive yet graceful. Her size will add way more to the storyline than if she were of a fitness-type build. Many aren’t familiar with Quadra’s supporting role in the Max Rep series that ran (mostly) in Muscular Development twelve years ago. This time she’ll be the lead. I intend the art to be compelling w’out looking overworked or fetishistic. The story will have a surreal logic behind it. When it surfaces I hope everyone will give it a chance to bring a new (or newer) twist to the female muscle scene.


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