Femalemuscle Rises to New Heights

Femalemuscle Rises to New Heights

In my continuing effort to promote female muscle throughout the universe, I had a chance to talk to a real astronaut, Charles O. Hobaugh at the Arnold Sports Festival last week in Ohio. He was intrigued when I told him how concerned I was that there have not been any bodybuilder astronauts.

Space, I argued, may be the perfect environment in which to workout and achieve an ultimate symmetrical body. After a few quick phone calls I was invited to NASA (see photo below) to undergo training to see if I qualify to take a trip to the space station and test out my theory. Who knows? It may not be too far off when you too can have perfect Space Muscles.

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  1. Area Orion  March 12, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Not sure if that helmet is NASA regulation, but it looks good on you.


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