Diagnosis of female muscle obsession

Diagnosis of female muscle obsession
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1. Whenever you accidentally bump into a woman, you instinctively feel her biceps.

2. You always manage to find the scene in a movie where the woman is pumped and dominant and watch that scene over and over again.

3. You’ll always find the one woman in a crowded room who is bigger and stronger than all of the others.

4. You have at least ten female muscle sites book marked on your computer.

5. You download photos of hard ripped female athletes.

6. In the gym you can spot a woman with big biceps within three seconds or less.

7. You know the names of at least fifteen current female athletes.

8. You have the phone number memorized of your favorite muscle phone line.

9. You get shy and flustered whenever a muscular woman simply says hello or acknowledges you.

10. You always wonder if a certain female is stronger than you are pound for pound.

11. You relish the thought of arm wrestling that muscular female next door.

12. You often fantasize about being pinned or put in a headlock.

13. When you join a gym, you always want the biggest female trainer to be your personal trainer.

14. You own female wrestling DVD’s and have memorized clips from TV or movies of tough women in action.

15. You look in alternative newspapers, magazines and online for women who wrestle in your area.

16. You’ve gone as far as calling one of them.

17. You know every magazine on the newsstand dedicated to muscular women.

18. You dislike the Victoria’s Secret Catalog.

19. You (at times) deny the fact that you are a female muscle fanatic.

20. You wonder whether every woman you meet has strong biceps.

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2 Responses to "Diagnosis of female muscle obsession"

  1. Ian  August 20, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    Hmmm I don’t know if I like the word obsessed. It has a negative connotation and men who appreciate muscular women are already stigmatized

  2. Fbb luva  August 20, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    This is definitely me, I am completely obsessed with female body builders, I think they are the most sexiest woman in the world, I like the more masculine looking fbb that has a mans body with a masculine female face, my favorite bodypart is tha chest, I love pure rock hard pecs, with absolutely no breast tissue… Regular women don’t do it for me, I’ll take pecs and glutes over T&A


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