Tina Schuessler Fighting For World Championship Title In K1

Tina Schuessler Fighting For World Championship Title In K1
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She was World Champion, European Champion and multiple German Champion in kickboxing and is still reigning world champion in professional boxing. In May 2016 Tina Schuessler is fighting for World Championship title K1 compete in the World Championship in K1 kickboxing full contact.

Where does the Augsburger bundle of energy tirelessly the strength to rise again in the ring and fight for the World Championship crown?

Tina Schuessler is not just a public figure, but also the mother of a 14 year-old son , works every day up to 8 hours in his parents’ civil engineering operations, is socially engaged volunteer, go for Radio and Television, has countless sponsors, is a trainer, presenter, juror for major events is, politically engaged, is currently writing her biography, plays in her spare piano and drums and will start its first single.

The phenomenon Schuessler is stuck versatile and can not be pigeonholed.

In the social sphere is Tina Ambassador of five major organizations: DKMS, Bavarian Cancer Society, Muki, hour of the heart and the Tour Ginkgo. She is also godmother of children Pain Centre at Klinikum Augsburg and since 2016 advertising medium and a member of the Bavarian Red Cross.

She is a fighter in every area.

Not only as national coach of the ISKA (the world’s largest martial arts federation) was the athlete and former business owner of three major sports schools actively, but also political interest brought Schuessler ahead and they ran even in 2014 for mayor.

Tina Schuessler is in talk shows and reports since 2012 welcome guest.

She tells joyfully: “The TV channel Sat.1 took me shooting for a big TV show in the evening and also in show business, I could gain a foothold. “Schuessler is your wife on stage. Along with Iris Berben and Thomas Thieme, she starred in a play, with Otto Waalkes gave autographs, with the Klitschko’s , she completed training sessions, is consistent with the Ludolfs front of the camera, with Joey Kelly was sponsored by AL-KO, with actor Sepp Schauer, Corinna Binzer, Lara Joy Körner and Marcel Reif is on charity events. You recently turned a cinema advertising film with her longtime friend Jumbo Schreiner of Pro7 and plays small roles with well-known actors in television movies. Sporty she is traveling as a member of the jury for “Stars of Sport” with Anni Friesinger – Postma and Markus Othmer. As a new presenter for “Sport in Augsburg” interviewed sports stars from all areas.

Hold Eres Careers

The 41 year-old was known when she won a title after the other in kickboxing at age 19. Due to its unusually harsh clout and their speed, they came to the national team and in 1998 the first time World Champion. Tina moved to boxing, was the shooting star of the country battle WIBF and was sparring partner of Regina Halmich. The professional boxing stable Universum in Hamburg endeckte immediately took the talent and Tina together with the Klitschko ‘s under contract. A successful way to the top league began.

A hard road

But good and bad times underwent Schuessler career with some stops. In 2001, Tina happy mother of a healthy son. A serious illness low blow suffered Tina 2009 after emergency surgery for an abdominal wall crack.

“After general anesthesia, I fell into a coma. When I awoke, I got two weeks later a pulmonary embolism. Another week ICU. Something was wrong with me. Two weeks after a stroke. I was paralyzed on the left side, could not walk properly and . Speaking in my mind nothing was the same again. The doctors discovered a congenital heart defect. After this unimaginable diagnosis, everything slid into me in a black hole. Even for my family a shock. Long hospital stays and more rehabs followed. A year later, followed by an operation on the heart, “says Tina us.

But Schüssler could not derail. She wanted to be a healthy and energetic mother for her son again. A tough fight against the disease began. Hours of cognitive training brought her head to smoking. She made tremendously rapid progress, also began slowly with the sport.

“I was motorized safe, the training times were longer and I felt every week stable. Movement fell back to me easier. Now I wanted to know it! For me and everyone out there! By agreement of my doctors, I began controlled with more workouts, slipped again in the category performance sports, trained with the German national team and could there say. My will and the goal in mind again become the old, was becoming stronger. I wanted all motivate people to never give up. You can do it. I had enormous bite. I exploded downright before willpower,”says Tina.

Suddenly there again

Then came 2012 after a long illness her boxing comeback. Victorious rose Tina out of the ring and it felt good. Stronger than ever. She was there again. Everyone could see that she has managed to beat the disease . More fighting followed, and in June 2013 Tina was again world champion in boxing against Deniz Batinli.

Aimlessly with no future plan is nothing at Tina Schuessler. In May they will again be in the boxing ring and fight for the championship title in the K1 kickboxing in Stuttgart. Five television stations will provide intensive support in their preparation from March Tina. Loving support and motivation gets Tina by her partner Clemens Brocker. The internationally renowned artists and independent Baugestalter travels a lot, but takes time every day to give his partner the necessary support.

Courtesy of: Sport In Ausburg

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