Scooter Pie

Click Image to Play Video Sometimes you need a break from sexy muscular women. Here’s an angry poodle. Enjoy.

Jeannie Benedetti and Angela Komis

Lori interviews Jeannie Benedetti and Angela Komis backstage at the NPC Extravaganza. Featuring posing, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage of the pump-up room and backstage.

Simone Moura

Lori interviews Simone Moura and her friend backstage and behind the scenes at the NPC Extravaganza.

Charmaine Patterson

Video interview with figure competitor Charmaine Patterson, from the NPC Extravaganze in New Jersey. Charmaine poses, flexes, and chats with Lori. Free Video Preview Access to Full Video

Hurricane Frances

Watch the Full Video (about 30 minutes) Lori is vacationing down in Florida, minding her own business when what should appear? A hurricane with a long list of places it wants to screw. Included on this list unfortunately is West Palm Beach, one of the places Lori had decided to visit. Chaos and hilarity ensue […]


Lori takes a bubblebath. Just because she’s naked doesn’t mean she can’t videoblog. The bubbles cover almost everything anyway.