Marina Richardsson Swedish Beauty

Marina Richardsson Swedish Beauty
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Marina Richardsson is a Swedish figure competitor with a figure we couldn’t help but share with you!

2009th nominated to this year’s contestants of Pro Gym bbk.Stockholm
2009th 8th European Championship +168
2009th 4th Sweden Grand Prix Overall
2009th 1st Sweden Grand Prix +163
2009th 12: a Arnold Classic Amateur +168
2008th 7th World Championship +168
2007th 5th SM-Body Fitness +163
2006th First Lucia Body Fitness (Fitness Festival) +163
2005th 3rd Lucia Body Fitness (Fitness Festival) +163
2005th 3rd SM-Body Fitness +163
2004th 3rd Nutrition Outlet Grand Prix Body Fitness +164
2001th December 1 Cup Athletic Fitness +164

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