Fantasy Muscle: 3D Artist GRISSE

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GRISSE (or ScottG) is a draftsman by day and 3D fantasy muscle creator by night. Born 1978 in Des Moines, this Iowan has a passion for female muscle, sports and working with his hands. He is an avid runner, and recently began competing in Triathlons. GRISSE started out by tracing and expanding female muscle photos. Then came photo morphing but he was never happy with the outcome. Soon he discovered Daz Studio in 2007 and become a contributing member of the FMG fan community with his 3d rendered muscle women.

Everything GRISSE creates is centered around female muscle although he admits he doesn’t have a plan when starting. He strives for unrealistically sized women in realistic settings… and eye glasses! Why glasses? He says “I dunno, something about that just gets to me. I make these models that are in many ways superior to anyone in real life but they still require glasses.” His first models were crude, but he began to infuse personality into the images and his Katrina model was the first to receive praise from fans.

GRISSE is influenced by the works of Dave C Matthews, Tigersan and Digital-Amazons amongst others. His renderings were noticed by figure competitor Tiffany Forni who asked him for a custom rendering. She describes herself as a “Fat Girl turned Fitness Nerd” and GRISSE created a digital before/after/future transformation depiction for her. He continues to create 3D creations that may end up as animations, sequence shots or single pictures. His currently current project is creating a model of Pumpmonger’s Apex.

“I would just like to say thanks to everyone that has visited my deviantART site and left compliments or thanks. They are greatly appreciated.” You can also find GRISSE frequently at

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