Coral Moody

So much has happen since I last submitted photo’s to your site back in 2001 and 2002.

2003 was a complete write off for me with injuries and not being able to train. Later in that year things improved and I was back in the gym where I belong. After gettng back into shape it was obvious the break did me good, I was making excellent gains very quickly. May 2004 I knuckled down to getting ready for the 2004 IFBB Queensland State Championships on the Gold Coast and had my eyes set for the Australian Nationals in Sydney, both held in October.

Well I did better than just winning back my Queensland State Open title, 2 weeks later I also won the Australian Nationals O/52kg class. I was so stoked, no, make that blown away. It was a long prep, but worth every minute of it and I’ll do it all again.

Now I have my sights set for bigger and better competiton, the trick will be to convince sponsors that I do have what it takes and that being a female bodybuilder is marketable.

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